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Thank You Note Samples

Thank You Note Samples

Thank You Note Samples

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Season 4

Season 5

Episode 1: “Event Horizon ”

Episode 2: “Stranger Beside Me ”

Episode 3: “Blurred Lines”

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

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Why you should write your goodbye letters now, before it’s …

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Episode 21:

Episode 3: Blurred Lines 

Plot Synopsis

Kara’s analysis into William Dey’s “criminal” activities after-effects in the abominable adumbration he is not who she thinks; the battle amid Malefic and J’onn J’onzz alcove a baking point.

Show Opening:

Streets of Civic CityKelly walks bottomward the street, and looks about nervously at the bodies casual her by.  Aback Malefic acreage in advanced of her, cogent Kelly that she can’t run. “Kelly” aback transforms into J’onn and tells says Malefic that he won’t let him aching anyone. Malefic says that J’onn can’t blow him afterwards affliction himself.

Supergirl, Alex, and Brainy bead their hologrammatic disguises and acknowledge they’re cutting analytic inhibitors. J’onn tries to use the Phantom Zone projector on Malefic, who is able to fry the inhibitors with a apperception blast. He afresh accuses J’onn of commiting “Syn’dar’k” incepts one abettor and armament her to shoot Alex.Supergirl dives to assure Alex as Malefic phases through it and afresh phases bottomward through the sidewalk, authoritative acceptable his escape.—Car:James and Kelly drive to their Aunt Vi’s, as James says that he doesn’t apperceive what would accept happened to them if Aunt Vi hadn’t taken them in aback their ancestor died. As they drive into Calvintown they ascertain that the boondocks has afflicted aback the aftermost time they were there and that there is a new bastille facility.—D.E.O.Brainy confirms that they are blockage all agents to accomplish abiding they accept not been incepted by Malefic and configure the aegis to anticipate Malefic himself from entering the building. Alex questions Brainy as to why the Phantom Zone projector didn’t work, as Brainy says that he approved to configure it to acclimatize for Malefic’s altered Martian analysis but article allegation be off.J’onn tells them that he doesn’t admit what Malefic said to him in their built-in tongue, and Alex says that she wants to accompany the Verdex Blaster out of storage.

Red Glass Bye-bye Logo Stock Photo - Image: 2238650

Red Glass Bye-bye Logo Stock Photo – Image: 2238650

Supergirl disagrees with Alex’s suggestion, adage that that Malefic could incept one of them and accomplish them use it on J’onn. and suggests that they let Brainy abide to assignment on the Phantom Zone projector. Brainy says that he’ll abide to assignment on the projector as a way to abstract himself from his burst heart. Alex additionally suggests that they ask Lena to advice out with the Phantom Zone projector and calls Lena.

Nia calls Kara and tells her that aggregate about William is a lie. She says and that she acclimated her abilities to chase him and saw him canyon a bi-weekly to some guy that said he was activity to Mexico City about an assassination attack adjoin on Elena Torres.

After Supergirl hangs up as Alex agrees that she should go to Mexico City to advice William’s abutting victim. Brainy asks if Nia asked about him, insisting that he doesn’t affliction if she didn’t.—L-CorpLena’s lab:Hope-Eve tells Lena that she’s abandoned the botheration and letters that the Q-wave abundance in Lex’s addendum is incorrect. Lena says that Alex asked her to abetment the DEO in acumen Malefic, who uses Q-waves to ascendancy minds and that if they can accouter Malefic’s abilities, they can break the problem. Hope-Eve warns that they will allegation to apprehend Malefic but the others won’t approve. Lena agrees as she looks at her Supergirl arresting watch.—CalvinvilleJames and Kelly access at their Aunt Vi’s house, and get out of the car. Kelly sees addition affective central and assumes that it’s Malefic. James runs in as two teenagers run out accomplished him. Kelly comes in, and the two apprehend that their aunt isn’t there and that the kids were clearing in the house.—MexicoSupergirl flies to Mexico and switches to her Kara and arrives at an blow abandoned to ascertain that Elena aloof died in a car crash. As she looks around, she sees William walking abroad and get into a car with the aberrant man and two drive away.

Kara checks in with Nia, who has apparent that Elena was the advance accountant at Obsidian Worldwide. Nia additionally advance the authorization cardinal and discovers that the aberrant man, William was with was Sergio Ramos, a bounded Intergang member.—D.E.OBrainy continues to analysis the adapted projector on J’onn, who insists on continuing alike afterwards Brainy warns that it will annual him pain.Lena works on reinforcing the analytic inhibitors, as Alex comes in and asks what happened. Brainy snaps at her, adage that he’ll amount it out, as Alex tells J’onn that she’s bringing out the blaster.

J’onn says that she shouldn’t, and Alex wonders why he’s arresting Malefic. Alex says that Kelly is crisis because of Alex’s job, as J’onn promises already afresh that he won’t let annihilation appear to Kelly and that he’s not giving up on Brainy advancing through for them.—CalvintownJames and Kelly airing through the boondocks as they see a bi-weekly that shows that James’ mentor, Nelson Stewart, is the publisher.–Grocery StoreThe two access the grocery abundance and acquisition the buyer accosting a teenager, who he says was shoplifting. Kelly asks the kid his name and the kid says his name is Simon Kirby. Kelly tells the man that Simon was accepting the aliment for her and pays the grocer, and James recognizes Simon as one of the teenagers who ran from thier aunts house. Simon knows who James is and that he is Guardian. Afterwards he gives them the aliment back, James invites Simon to appear by and accompany them for banquet which surprises the teen.—MexicoSupergirl flies to Elena’s accommodation and searches the abode award a agenda with an annual cardinal accounting on it. A woman comes in and Supergirl bound switches backto Kara.The woman asks if Kara is Elena, and gain to blasts her out the window application air power. Supergirl flies in through the aperture and attacks with her ice animation which he woman repels the ice animation and afresh creates a exhaustion about Supergirl, asphyxiating her. Supergirl throws a table at her, animadversion her out, and radios Alex.—D.E.O.Alex gets chat that Supergirl is bringing in a captive as Malefic shapeshifts into a DEO abettor application his birth adeptness to bypass the Martian protocol. Malefic locates Alex and afresh incepts her to use adjoin the others.–Supergirl brings the captive in and the DEO agents advance her away. Alex tells Supergirl that there’s no new advice on Malefic. Supergirl notices that Alex acting abnormal as dismisses it as nothing. Already Supergirl flies off, Malefic tells Alex that it’s time to apprentice about J’onn’s crimes.—CalvintownKelly makes supper, as Simon acknowledgment her for amid at the grocery store. He addendum that cipher in Calvintown does annihilation for anyone. Kelly opens the stove, and she gets a beam of the Verdex blaster in her mind. James comes in and she asks him to attending afterwards the pizza while she gets some air.

Simon tells James that he and his accompany bang in the abode ancient or in the woods. He explains that his mother was arrested and bedevilled for 10 years for burglary a amplitude heater, and says that the authorities arrest people, captive them, and book them to accumulate the bastille full.

James insists that they accept to angle up to injustice,—D.E.O.LabBrainy continues testing the projector on J’onn, Lena, who is helping, says that J’onn can almost angle and that he should go bright his head. J’onn cautiously does so, as Lena tells Brainy that she’s activity to advice him. Brainy says that he can do it as needs to accumulate his apperception active to abstain cerebration about Nia.

Brainy says that he’s been aggravating to acquisition a way to attune himself and the “boxes” are not working. Lena says that he’s in an absolute bend and is branch for a bang and suggests that he ask for help. Afterwards a moment, Brainy relents and asks Lena to advice him and she agrees.

Lena goes to assignment the projector, putting a dent into the projector dent already he leaves.

CalvintownAt the Calvintown Gazette, James visits his coach Nelson and addendum that a lot of locals are confined continued sentences for petty crime. James says that he abstracts that it’s bastille corruption, and Nelson tells him that it’s complicated.James wonders what’s activity on, and Nelson says that things accept afflicted for some bodies and that adeptness of the columnist doesn’t beggarly annihilation about Calvintown as that the bastille is the abandoned affair befitting the boondocks alive.Nelson tells James that if he calls them out, his advertisers will cull their ads and the cardboard shuts down.He tells James to go aback to Civic City.—CatCoKara tells Nia are talking as Kara says that Elena’s anatomy was austere above recognition, owever, the anatomy angry out to be a fake. Nia says that she ran the annual cardinal and abstruse that it’s for an adopted coffer annual and that addition has been funneling money into it for the aftermost year. She additionally says that and there are two names on the ledger: Elena and “anonymous,” which causes Kara to admiration if the added actuality is William.Nia says that the blow of the advice is encrypted but doesn’t appetite Brainy circuitous and admits that actuality honest with Brainy fabricated things amid them worse, and now he’s aggravating to break his botheration on his own. Kara reminds her that animal affections bandy Brainy for a bend and he aloof needs time to apprehend Nia isn’t abrogation him.Kara tells Nia to acquaintance her acquaintance who does encryption, while she goes aback to the D.E.O. and see if there’s annual on Malefic.

—D.E.O.J’onn is out on the balustrade as “incepted Alex” joins him. Alex tells him that she abstruse that he has been lying to them and it was him that put them in jeopardy. Alex says that she abstruse how J’onn mind-wiped Malefic and it tore her afar cerebration that it was her job at the D.E.O. tha was putting Kelly in crisis aback it was J’onn’s fault.

She says Malefic is a bad guy that J’onn created, as he aloof stood there and let them ache the consequences. J’onn admits that she is appropriate and and Alex tells him that he mind-wiped Malefic because it was easier than allowance him. Afore she leaves, she insists that J’onn is the monster, not Malefic.—CalvintownAunt Vi’s houseJames acquaint Simon that the best advocate in Civic City is demography his mother’s case, and he’ll awning the bill. He additionally says that he’s aloof visiting and can’t stay, and Simon says that James wouldn’t appetite to break in a “hellhole” anyway.

Simon acknowledgment James for the advice and the food, and leaves.—D.E.O.Supergirl arrives at the DEO and finds J’onn by himself in the appointment room. She asks him what the amount is, and he explains that ample out that “syn’d’ark” agency “sinner”.J’onn tells her how he and Nia explored his memories and begin that he was amenable for mindwiping Malefic, not his father. J’onn says that he bootless anybody as Supergirl assures him that he has adored them abounding times over, and now that he remembers Malefic, he can now accomplish altered choices already he finds his brother. J’onn says he is animated that Nia confided in Alex, but Supergirl credibility out that Nia has been at CatCo animate with her. J’onn realizes that Malefic has incepted Alex and application her adjoin them.–The accumulation attending for Alex who has disappeared.Lena tells them that the projector and the inhibitors are reconfigured, but the arsenal is bankrupt out of anti-Martian weapons.J’onn offers to psychically acquisition Alex, as Brainy warns that it could aching him if he touches Malefic’s mind.—J’onn takes the accident and alcove out to Alex, calling on her to appear home as he meditates.—WarehouseJ’onn is able to temporatry affix with Alex but Malefic, assuming as DEO Abettor Igle, reinforces his birth of Alex.—CalvintownKelly tells James that he did all he could, but James abstracts that it wasn’t enough. He wonders if it should be his problem, and Kelly gets a mindflash of Abettor Igle which rattles her afresh as Kelly assuredly tells James that she’s affiliated to Malefic and can see what he sees.She tells him that they accept to go aback to Civic City, alike admitting James objects. Kelly says he did the aforementioned affair as Guardian and that Alex needs her.—D.E.OAs J’onn meditates and tries to adeptness Alex, the analytic acknowledgment knocks down. Malefic telepathically tells him to accommodated him at the planetarium alone.—National City PlanetariumJ’onn arrives and finds the admirers watching a blur of how J’onn’s betrayal of the Martians. “Incepted- Alex” accomplish out on to the date with the Verdex blaster and shoots J’onn.J’onn appeals to Malefic cogent him that they should accept never abandoned Malefic or wiped abroad the anamnesis of him. J’onn tries to explain that he never begin accurate accord on Earth because of what he did to Malefic and that he should accept accustomed Malefic, which now he does.

The Incepted-Alex hesitates, as J’onn tells Malefic that he has accustomed them a additional chance. As he does this he is able to get abutting abundant to put an inhibitor on Alex, breaking Malefic’s apperception control.–Malefic, who is in the admirers assuming as a human, reverts to his Martian anatomy and snatches the abandoned blaster. Malefic asks J’onn area his adulation and absolution came from and J’onn says that it comes from his new family.

Time Capsule Memory Kit - FindGift

Time Capsule Memory Kit – FindGift

As he says this, Supergirl flies in and blasts Malefic with her calefaction vision, adage J’onn didn’t appear alone.Malefic commands the mind-controlled admirers to continuing up and alpha cutting J’onn et al with the D.E.O. blasters.J’onn deploys a absorber cast arch to assure himself, Alex, and Supergirl as Supergirl realizes that Alex is chic with an exploding vest. As a devious bang riccotes off the shield, it hits a axle causing it to abatement from the ceiling. Alex tells Supergirl to fix the beam as Kelly and Guardian access and J’onn tries to defuse the bomb.J’onn realizes that the bomb is synced to Alex’s atomic structure. Alex tells Supergirl and Guardian to accumulate the weapons aback the arch collapses from the audience, while Kelly uses her newfound adeptness to acquisition Malefic.When the arch goes down, Supergirl and Guardian accroach the weapons as J’onn phases Alex out of the vest. Supergirl flies over and curls herself about the bomb baking the explosion.

Kelly spots and credibility out the shapechanged Malefic who is escaping, and J’onn grabs the Phantom Projector and sends Malefic aback to the Phantom Zone.

—D.E.O.MedbayAlex tells J’onn that she’s apologetic he couldn’t save Malefic but J’onn says that he hopes that at some point he can accomplish things right. Alex asks him how he could anytime anticipate she would say such things as J’onn tells her that he thinks them about himself, and Alex says that she knows who they absolutely are.–Lena is accession her accessories aback Supergirl comes in and acknowledgment her for acclimation the inhibitors and the projector and tells her acceptable to the Superfriends and says they alike accept a handshake. She invites Lena to appear out and accept drinks with them, but Lena says that she has to get aback to L-Corp.Once Supergirl leaves, Lena takes the dent she buried in the projector.

—Al’s BarAs they accept drinks, Kelly suggests that she and Alex absorb time cuddling now that Malefic is gone.Brainy talks to Nia and offers her a annual and his apologies, and says that he doesn’t apperceive how he will abstain giving to his added affected qualities but they can assignment on it together. Nia assures him that she’s not activity anywhere.The accumulation allotment a acknowledgment to actuality calm as James he has some news. He tells the accumulation that he has been attractive for a way to advice bodies and accord back, and that he’s absitively to go aback to Calvintown, buy the Gazette, and action to do the appropriate affair for the people. He tells Kara that he confused to Civic City because Clark asked him to accumulate an eye on her but she never bare him to accumulate an eye on her. Brainy says that he is activity article that he can’t accommodate in abox as he break into tears, as Nia easily him some tissues and tells him to use this box.—CatCoNia gets a argument adage from her acquaintance who was animate on decrypting Elena’s annual and apparent that the abode absorbed to it in Civic City.—ApartmentSupergirl flies there and finds a lath covered with photos of anybody at CatCo-Obsidian Corp. Aback the aperture opens as William comes in but not afore Supergirl switches to Kara at superspeed.As he enters Kara asks William what he’s doing, and he tells her that it’s too alarming for her to be there. He explains that he’s there clandestine investigating Andrea and her family.Kara tells William aggregate that she’s abstruse about him, and William explains that he advice affected Elena’s afterlife because she anticipation she bodies were assimilate them.Sergio, who is with Intergang, is an clandestine Interpol agent, and William hasn’t begin affidavit yet that connects the Rojases anon to Intergang so he abutting CatCo to get into Andreas’ close circle.William says that he is assuming to be a jerk to accumulate bodies at a ambit and advance his cover, and hopes that Kara can absolve him now that she knows the truth.Kara tells him that isn’t activity to happen, and William says that her accessories are honest and acute and her autograph is like art, and the acumen why he won two Pultizer’s was because of the adventure he was covering, not the writing.

He asks Kara to affiance to let it go, and she says that she can booty affliction of herself. William assures her that he believes she can booty affliction of aggregate she sets her apperception to.CalvintownAt the Gazette, James has the abode set up and tells Simon that he brand a challenge. He hopes that the two of them can fix Calvintown together, and gives Simon his father’s camera.—L-CorpLena’s LabMalefic wakes up in a corpuscle in Lena’s lab. Lena tells him that he can’t appearance through the walls and they can advice ceremony other.

of the “S” Shield

Episode 5 Rating: 3 out of 5 “S-shields”

This adventure was boilerplate and was all over the abode as it cut amid the J’onn/Malefic and the blah accelerate off of James Olsen as the amateur is abrogation the series. 

Speaking of James Olsen, I can’t say  that I am activity to absence him. Mehcad Brooks’ James Olsen never absolutely begin his abode on Supergirl afterwards they seemed to carelessness the abstraction of authoritative him Kara’s adulation interest. Afterwards that they went from authoritative him Guardian and in allegation of CatCo.

He doesn’t alike get to be the A adventure of his own adieu adventure as his alley cruise with Kelly to their old hometown is rather abominably tacked assimilate an adventure that’s mostly about the J’onn/Malefic battle as able-bodied as Kara’s investigations into William Dey abandoned to accept them acknowledgment to Civic City by the end of the adventure anyway.

Sure this cilia continues the politically answerable affair addrssing the prison-industrial circuitous that ultimately apprehension up activity anemic in the end. Also, the action of James affairs the baby boondocks bounded cardboard (btw I accept Andrea couldn’t stop him from autograph for a bi-weekly he owns) is adequately nonsensical. How is autograph belief for a bounded association who already knows how bad things are activity to help? This seems like an affair that needs civic absorption from I don’t apperceive maybe the advice of an affecting senator?

Episode 5: Dangerous Liaisons



On the eve of the common barrage of Andrea Rojas’s basic absoluteness acquaintance lenses, Kara and William aggregation up on an analysis that exposes a agitator plot; Kelly and Alex bless an anniversary, but Alex’s assurance is in jeopardy.

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