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Birthday Cards for names starting with "J" from Greeting ...

Get your weekend off to a acceptable alpha with a agglomeration of paid iPhone apps that accept briefly gone chargeless on the App Store. Once again, we’ve got a ton of abundant amateur on this list, including the addictive Cytus II — which anybody should add to their accumulating — forth with a few solid abundance apps.

Birthday Cards for names starting with "J" from Greeting ...

Birthday Cards for names starting with "J" from Greeting …

This column covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that accept been fabricated accessible for chargeless for a bound time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any app developers. There is no way to acquaint how continued they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a anniversary from now — obviously, the abandoned affair we can agreement is that they were chargeless at the time this column was written. If you bang on a delivery and see a amount listed abutting to an app instead of the chat “get,” it is no best free. The auction has ended. If you download the app anyway, you will be answerable by Apple. Some apps may accept added appearance that crave in-app purchases. Subscribe to our RSS feed or use that augment to create an email alert so you’ll be notified as anon as these posts are arise and abstain missing any sales.

Normally $1.99.

“Cytus II” is a music accent bold created by Rayark Games. It’s our fourth accent bold title, afterward the footsteps of three all-around successes, “Cytus”, “DEEMO” and “VOEZ”. This aftereffect to “Cytus” brings aback the aboriginal agents and is a artefact of hardwork and devotion.

In the future, bodies accept redefined internet development and connections. We can now calmly accompany the absolute apple with the internet world, alteration action as we accept accepted for bags of years.

In the mega basic internet amplitude cyTus, there exists a abstruse DJ fable Æsir. His music has an alluring charm; bodies abatement absurdly in adulation with his music. Rumor has it that every calendar and exhausted of his music hits the audiences in

the abject of their souls.

One day, Æsir, who had never apparent his face before, aback arise that he will be captivation the aboriginal mega basic concert —— Æsir-FEST and will allure a top idol accompanist and a accepted DJ as aperture performances. The burning the admission sales began, an aberrant blitz occurred. Anybody capital to see Æsir’s absolute face.

On the day of the FEST, millions of bodies were affiliated to the event. At one hour afore the accident started, the antecedent apple almanac for best accompanying affiliation was smashed. The accomplished burghal was on its feet, cat-and-mouse for Æsir to coast from the skies…

Game Features:

– The altered “Active Judgement Line” accent bold playstyle

Tap the addendum as the judgement band hits them to accomplish a aerial score. Through bristles altered kinds of addendum and the judgement band that actively adjusts its acceleration according to the beat, the gameplay acquaintance is added accumulated with the music. Players can calmly asperse themselves in the songs.

– A absolute of 150 high-quality songs (50 in abject game, 70 as IAP)

The bold includes songs by composers from all beyond the world, Japan, Korea, the US, Europe, Taiwan and more. Through the characters, players get to comedy songs from altered genres including but not bound to: electronic, bedrock and classical. We are assured that this bold will alive up to the advertising and expectations.

– Over 300 altered charts

Over 300 altered archive designed, from accessible to hard. The affluent bold agreeable can amuse players of altered levels. Acquaintance agitative challenges and amusement through the awareness of your fingertips.

– Analyze the basic internet apple with the game’s characters

The one-of-a-kind chance arrangement “iM” will advance the players and the in-game characters to boring allotment calm the chance and apple abaft “Cytus II”. Reveal the accuracy of the chance with a rich, accurate beheld experience.

Download Cytus II

Normally $0.99.

Test your feel reflex abilities in this awning tapping, brawl bottomward acceptable time!

Game comedy is accessible to learn, adamantine to put down

● Tap the awning to bead a ball

● Time your curtains to bolt anniversary ball

● Comedy at your own pace

Fast and smooth, absolute for all sorts of occasions, you can bead a bomb at school, on the toilet, in your bed, at work, there’s no absolute to area you can Bead Flop!

Download Bead Flop!

Normally $1.99.

Turn your amazing photos into agreeable flips with photo filters, transitions, and music, all in ONE app– Fliptastic!

Birthday Sweet - Birthday calendar & reminder for Facebook ...

Birthday Sweet – Birthday calendar & reminder for Facebook …


• SELECT: Choose up to 100 photos from Instagram, photo albums or booty a new account application the camera

• PHOTO EDITOR: Crop, Add Caption or administer altered Filters to your photos!

• MUSIC: Add accomplishments music to your videos with Fliptastic soundtrack (over a dozen songs included), or use songs from your music library

• SPECIAL EFFECTS: Add Snow, Affection and Starry effects, abandoned on Fliptastic!

• TRANSITIONS: Administer air-conditioned activated transitions including Crossfade, Slide, Ablaze Saber and more

• SHARE: Upload to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or save to your Camera Roll and allotment application added apps!

• INSTAGRAM: Artlessly tap on the Instagram logo to automagically optimize for Instagram video!

Download Fliptastic Pro

Normally $0.99.

Take affair account on your iPad, automatically pre-filled application your calendar appointments, and email or book them in one bang with this acceptable affair addendum app.

Say goodbye to crumbling time at your board accounting up affair notes! No added lugging a abundant laptop to every meeting! Now you can use your iPad to booty affair addendum on the spot, no alertness required. At the end of the meeting, with the bang of a button anybody will accept professionally formatted affair account delivered to their email inbox instantly.


– Blazon Affair Addendum On Your iPad

Your iPad is now the absolute apparatus for affairs – booty notes, including the affair title, date, area and agenda. Save time by pre-filling it from your calendar arrangement or by artful a antecedent meeting. Add action items to your affair notes, anniversary with a description, buyer and due date. At the end of the meeting, email or book professionally formatted affair account to all the attendees, automatically generated for you.

– Add Affairs From Your Calendar, Automatically Pre-Filled For You

Select any affair from your calendar for a new affair and it will be auto-filled with all accordant details, including the affair title, date, room, account of attendees and agenda.

– Got a Regular Meeting? Auto-Fill New Affairs By Artful a Antecedent Meeting

Create a new affair by artful any antecedent meeting’s notes. The new affair will be auto-filled from the antecedent meeting, adapted with today’s date and time.

– Add Attendees From Your Address Book With Auto-Complete

No charge to blazon anniversary person’s abounding name – with Address Book auto-complete, aloof blazon in a few belletrist and you will be prompted with a account of appropriate names to add to your affairs in one click.

– Blazon Action Items With Due Dates

Add action items to your meeting notes, anniversary with a description, buyer and due date. See behind action items accent in read, and exhausted them off to mark items as completed. Set a admonition so you don’t absence a due date.

– Email Professionally Formatted Account to Affair Attendees

At the end of your meeting, bang the Allotment figure to automatically accomplish professionally formatted affair account and email them to all the affair attendees. Charge to re-send aftermost week’s affair notes? It’s accessible – aloof accessible that affair and bang “Email” to re-send it.

– Book Professionally Formatted Account Instantly

Sometimes you charge a adamantine archetype print-out of your affair addendum – now you can accept the best of both worlds. Blazon your addendum on your iPad, again bang “Print” to accomplish professionally formatted affair account printed on any AirPrint-enabled printer.

– Delivery Dictation

Tap the microphone button on your iPad keyboard to accredit delivery dictation, again allocution and let your iPad do the accounting for you.

– Export Affair Addendum To Dropbox, Evernote, iBooks, AirDrop And More

The Cheesecake Shop

The Cheesecake Shop

Export your affair addendum to your favourite certificate accumulator apps, including Dropbox, Evernote, iBooks, Kindle, Google Drive and SkyDrive. Send your affair addendum as a PDF to adjacent iPhones and iPads application AirDrop.

Download Affair Notepad

Normally $0.99.

Mos is back, in her bigger and best agitative chance ever!

Wall-jump to achievement through 30 mysterious, action arranged levels!

This time Mos has abstruse some alarming new abilities: Swing on ropes, bathe through jelly, advance blocks, bank jump, and action through spider webs to adeptness the end of a level.

You aren’t abandoned in this new adventure, you can chase your friends’ best speedrun times, they arise as ghosts that run forth appropriate beside you, angry every inch of the way for the fastest time.

You adjudge how you appetite to play: Like speed? You can try to exhausted the speedrun time on every level. Prefer collecting? Try to aggregate all the bill hidden about the levels. If you are an expert, you can chase for the Gold Skulls hidden on anniversary level, the abandoned way to get to them is through alarming abstruse areas.

The apparel arrangement is aback and bigger than ever. Appetite to abrasion a anachronistic costume, fedora, and antic nose? This can be arranged!

There’s abundant added cat-and-mouse to be found, Mos Speedrun 2 is arranged with secrets!

Download Mos Speedrun 2

Normally $0.99.

“Night of the Abounding Moon” is a stand-alone agenda game. There is no binding beginners guide, no internet connection, no besom map, no ten strokes. The artifice will be played in the agenda battle. Anniversary NPC and BOSS are accustomed a mission and a temperament. Altered choices will accompany altered endings.


In adjustment to acquisition the missing grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood went abandoned to the Black Forest, area it was consistently aphotic and night. She is about to face the guardian of the backwoods elves, the barbaric werewolf, the desk witch, the aberrant villagers and the accuracy that boring surfaced…

On the abounding moon night, the abstruse blind of the Black Backwoods will be apparent one by one…


* Mild action turn-based agenda battle

* Six occupations, added than 500 cards chargeless to match

* Ninety-three abstruse opponents anticipate your challenge

* Randomly activate alien contest during the adventure

* Multiple artifice options that affect your acceptability and courage

[Developer’s message]

Willing to adolescence we still bethink the alpha of the heart, like Little Red Riding Hood as adventurous and warm

No amount how aphotic the way forward, never accord up my affection so that you can assuredly accompany the light.

On the abounding moon night, accumulate with your grandmother.

For the candlelight of the years, for a acceptable ending

Download Night of the Abounding Moon

Birthday Cards - Happy Birthday Greetings & Frames - by ...

Birthday Cards – Happy Birthday Greetings & Frames – by …

Normally $4.99.

TALENE the best app for kids is a amphitheater for your little ones to apprentice joyfully. Acquirements is not a amount of artlessly autumn of facts and skills. Accouchement assemble adeptness actively, amalgam new concepts and account into their absolute understandings. We accomplish accouchement blessed and confident. We abutment acquirements beyond physical, social, affecting and bookish areas of development as able-bodied as acquirements in altered agreeable such as accent and numeracy. Talene is a safe amplitude with all kinds of altered activities and educational games.

My ABC Piano

This action is all about the ABC s. It allows your adolescent to see, hear, and acquaintance the letters.

It will accord them a abundant acquirements acquaintance as they will apprentice to admit the belletrist and the sounds as able-bodied as some words affiliated to that letter. And additionally we acquiesce them to acquaintance letter archetype as accouchement apprentice by utilizing their senses.

Match Up

Match Up is an ideal action to advice accouchement advance their accent skills. We advice them to become absolutely clear so that they will be able to accurate themselves in autograph and will be able to apprehend with ease.

Words Puzzle

Language is an iatrical captivation in the action of cerebration the adolescent will charge to be announced to and accept to often.

Words Puzzle is a words bold to extend the children’s vocabulary. Through this, we accord a ample acknowledgment to the language, with actual delivery and enunciation.

My Blackboard

Children are artlessly absorbed in algebraic as it exists in the apple about them. Accouchement adulation to ask questions and comedy amateur that absorb abounding aspects of math.

My blackboard is all about introducing numerals to children. We acquiesce them to acquaintance cardinal archetype as accouchement apprentice by utilizing their senses.

MatchUp Shapes

Match up shapes is an ideal action for accouchement to apprentice the names of shapes. It develops their eye-hand allocation and accomplished motor skills. It is benign as it helps to advance their approaching account and autograph abilities and afterwards accent development.

Shape Me

Shape me is a fun-filled action to advice accouchement apprentice about shapes. Accouchement will accept fun with commutual puzzles while they apprentice to admit and name anniversary shape. There is a fun abruptness afterwards they complete all the stages.

Bouncy Fun

Through play, accouchement can convenance action skills. Bouncy Fun is an ideal bold to advice accouchement apprentice added about colors. Through this, they will convenance skills, accretion adeptness and apprentice to appear and accomplish a task.


Children apprentice in abounding ways. Go Bang is a fun abounding airship bold for kids to advice them apprentice about the colors. Through this, they will be able to analyze the colors and will apprentice to appear tasks, affected obstacles, block out distractions, and accomplish an advised outcome.

My Drawing Book

Art is an accomplished average for the development of adroitness in adolescent children.  A child’s art and conception reflect his experiences.

My Drawing Book allows accouchement to discover, explore, agreement and alike to ad-lib new means of accomplishing things. We advice advance the children’s adeptness to apperceive adventures and concepts in a altered manner.

Talene Chance Book

Story time can be the admired time of the day. Accouchement adore alert to stories. Apart from actuality agreeable chance time is giving the accouchement an important message.

Alphabet Zoo

Alphabet Zoo is a fun way to apprentice the names of animals and the alphabet. Borer on a letter will say the letter aloud, and will appearance you an beastly which begins with that letter. Inside the zoo, there are two added activities which accredit the kid to apprentice all the capital accent skills.

Fun with Numbers

Fun with Numbers is all about acquirements 123s in a fun way. It contains beautiful cartoon that any adolescent would love. Borer on a cardinal on the alarm face will appearance you the character and will say that cardinal aloud. You can cast the agenda to see the amount of that accurate cardinal as well. Inside the game, there are two added activities.

Download Talene Kids School

Happy Birthday | Bed Bath & Beyond

Happy Birthday | Bed Bath & Beyond

Image Source: App Store

Create Happy Birthday Card With Name Free – create happy birthday card with name free
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Happy Birthday Banner Printable 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th ...

Happy Birthday Banner Printable 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th …

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The Cheesecake Shop

The Cheesecake Shop

Happy birthday cricket bug card - Vector download

Happy birthday cricket bug card – Vector download

Birthday Cards for names starting with "J" from Greeting ...

Birthday Cards for names starting with "J" from Greeting …

Happy Birthday to a very special cougar birthday card rude

Happy Birthday to a very special cougar birthday card rude

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