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Keith Holman and Zach Barth are developers at the bold flat Zachtronics. If you like obscurely abstruse capacity like autograph amateur for 25-year-old computers, you’ll apparently like our “puzzle amateur for programmers,” including SpaceChem, Infinifactory, TIS-100, and SHENZHEN I/O!

Creative Business Ppt, Business Clipart, Ppt, Business PNG ...

Creative Business Ppt, Business Clipart, Ppt, Business PNG …

Can two programmers who are acclimatized to authoritative amateur for avant-garde computers with gigabytes of RAM and high-color HD displays anchorage one of their amateur to MS-DOS? Neither of us had any acquaintance developing on such old hardware, but back alive aural artificially bound systems is article of a Zachtronics bold architectonics specialty, we acquainted accountable to try!

The activity began back Zach created a mockup of SHENZHEN SOLITAIRE, the anchoress minigame from our bold SHENZHEN I/O (also accessible as a standalone game), as it ability attending active on a 256-color VGA display:

It looks aloof like you would acquisition on a PC in the aboriginal 90’s! From there it was artlessly a amount of autograph the code. Right?

First we had to amount out how to abode annihilation that would run on an age-old DOS computer. Our ambition accouterments was an appropriately best IBM-compatible PC from Zach’s collection:

The alone reasonable best of programming accent for a apparatus of this age was C. We weren’t activity to abode the absolute bold in x86 accumulation language! Afterwards because assorted choices of tools, we acclimatized on Borland C 3.1, appear in 1992. Active on DOSBox, Borland C provided a acceptable and authentic appetite of the ambition machine.

Computers with VGA cartoon had a brace altered cartoon modes. Approach 13h was a accepted and accessible option: 320 x 200 pixel resolution with 256 colors. A added difficult best was to use the actionable “Mode X”, which had a college resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. There are abounding tutorials on how to use Approach 13h on the internet, and it’s aboveboard to program: the 320×200 pixels are represented by a 64,000 byte array, with anniversary byte apery one pixel. Approach X is added abstruse and difficult to use, but has assertive advantages: Its resolution is 320 by 240, which is one of the few VGA resolutions with aboveboard pixels. It additionally supports cartoon with 256 colors called from a palette, the best colors you can use in any VGA mode. Because we capital bigger cartoon and because we adore authoritative things adamantine for ourselves, we absitively to use Approach X.

So now we accept a cartoon approach with lots of pixels and colors (for a computer of that time, anyway). What are we activity to draw? The best important categories were:

We already had high-resolution, high-color versions of all these assets from the aboriginal adaptation of SHENZHEN SOLITAIRE, but they bare to be adapted to a abundant lower resolution and to use no added than 256 colors in total. There was no able ambush for this about-face process, aloof a few hours of assignment in Photoshop manually redrawing cards, symbols, and interface elements and ascent bottomward the resolutions and blush palettes of the backgrounds.

Here’s breadth the aloft downside of Approach X became relevant. Apery 320 x 240 pixels requires 76,800 bytes. VGA cards accept 256 kilobytes of video memory, but disconnected into four “planes” of 64 kB each, which you can alone admission one at a time*. This works accomplished for Approach 13h which alone requires 64,000 bytes, but Approach X has to breach its video abstracts beyond assorted planes.

*It’s a little added complicated than this: in some VGA modes, including Approach 13h, you can admission assorted planes at once, but accomplishing so comes with added downsides. Approach X banned you to one alike at a time.

At this point the cartoon cipher started to get complicated, so we consulted the the Cartoon Programming Black Book by Michael Abrash, the ultimate advertence for all things VGA. As the Black Book explains, Approach X divides its pixel abstracts beyond all four planes; anniversary alike food a division of the pixels, in an interleaved scheme. Alike 0 food pixels 0, 4, 8, 12, etc. Alike 1 food pixels 1, 5, 9, 13, and so on.

This is a archetypal bearings in bold programming: We apperceive what achievement we charge to produce, and the best of how to anatomy the ascribe abstracts (in this case, the images) will accept an astronomic aftereffect on the complication and achievement of the apprehension code. Thankfully we didn’t accept to amount it all out ourselves; Abrash has affluence of advantageous admonition on calmly cartoon in Approach X. Back the absolute awning is disconnected into the four planes, and it’s about apathetic to about-face amid planes, the best acceptable (and fastest!) advantage is to breach anniversary angel into four blocks of abstracts so that anniversary plane’s account of abstracts is in one abutting chunk. This makes the cipher acutely simple, and additionally aloof about as fast as possible. Here’s the cipher that draws a full-screen (320 x 240) angel into VGA memory:

// Cipher sample: Cartoon an angel to VGA memory abandoned far *vgaMemory = MAKE_FAR_POINTER(0xA000, 0x0000); abbreviate bytesPerPlane = (320 / 4) * 240; for (plane = 0; alike < 4; alike ) {     SetCurrentVgaPlane(plane);     _fmemcpy(vgaMemory, imageData, bytesPerPlane);     imageData = bytesPerPlane; }

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Free illustration: Scrapbook, Blank, Diary, Journal – Free …

This cipher atom additionally demonstrates some of the quirks you accept to accord with back autograph a 16-bit DOS program. With 16-bit pointers, you can alone anon abode 64 kB of memory. (These are “near” pointers.) However, best DOS computers accept abundant added than 64 kB of memory, and the addresses that accord to VGA anamnesis booty up 64 kB already! In assembler, you accord with this application articulation registers; in C, you about use “far pointers”, which are a 32-bit arrow blazon that lets you abode up to 1 megabyte. (Life becomes abundant easier already 32 bit processors appearance up, because afresh you can represent anamnesis addresses up to 4 gigabytes afterwards annoying about articulation registers.)

Fortunately, 64 kB is absolutely a lot of memory, and about the absolute bold fits aural that limit. There are alone two genitalia of the cipher that crave the use of far pointers. The aboriginal I’ve already mentioned: VGA anamnesis is mapped to an absolute 64 kB ambit at abode 0xA0000. The additional block was the angel data. Afterwards converting all our art to low resolution and one byte-per-pixel, we had a absolute of about 250 kB of angel abstracts stored in one big file. Actuality added than 64 kB, this additionally adapted a far pointer. It additionally apparent the one and alone instance in the game’s cipher breadth we acclimated activating anamnesis allocation…

A aloft antecedent of bugs and complication in abounding C programs arises from managing dynamically allocated memory. In Shenzhen Solitaire, we kept things simple: we knew absolutely how abounding cards we bare to accumulate clue of, so we artlessly allocated the anamnesis for them up front. There were no malloc() calls that could fail, and no free() calls for us to forget. (The aforementioned action applies to accompaniment throughout the blow of the game.) Here’s what the anchoress engine’s accompaniment looks like:

// Cipher sample: Declaring accompaniment for the anchoress engine struct CardOrCell {     byte Suit;     byte Value;     byte CellType;     struct CardOrCell *Parent;     struct CardOrCell *Child; };

CardOrCell Cards[NUM_CARDS]; CardOrCell FreeCells[NUM_FREE_CELLS]; CardOrCell FoundationCells[NUM_FOUNDATION_CELLS]; CardOrCell TableauCells[NUM_TABLEAU_CELLS]; CardOrCell FlowerCell; CardOrCell *DraggedCard;

As mentioned previously, the one abode breadth we couldn’t use this action was for angel data, because that was abundant beyond than 64 kB. Instead, we stored all the images in one big book (with the angel abstracts disconnected into four planes, as abundant above) and amount it in at startup while the loading bar is displayed:

// Cipher sample: Loading angel abstracts from file // In the absolute antecedent code, this is added complicated and has // added able-bodied absurdity handling. FILE *f = fopen(“SHENZHEN.IMG”, “rb”); assert(f); continued admeasurement = GetSizeOfFile(f); ImageData = farmalloc(size); assert(ImageData); continued loaded = 0; byte huge *dest = ImageData; while (loaded < size) {     continued aftereffect = fread(dest, 1, 1024, f); assert(result != 0);     loaded = result;     dest = result;     // (update the loading bar) } fclose(f);

The anamnesis allocated for angel abstracts is never freed back we use it for the absolute continuance of the program.

Here’s a fun detail of the loading code: In the loading awning we affectation a cossack logo aloft the loading advance bar. However, we are cartoon the loading awning afore we’ve apprehend in the angel data! To assignment about this annular dependency, we added a adapted aphorism to the image-data-packing affairs to put the angel abstracts for the cossack logo first. It’s loaded aural the aboriginal additional or two of starting the game, and afresh it can be apparent for the blow of the cossack process.

// Cipher sample: Cartoon the cossack awning logo bool logoDrawn = false; while (loaded < size) {     …     // Already the cossack awning accomplishments has loaded, draw it:     if (!logoDrawn && loaded > ImageOffsets[IMG_BOOT_BACKGROUND 1])     {         Blit(IMG_BOOT_BACKGROUND, 101, 100);         logoDrawn = true;     } }

When cartoon an image, how do you locate and use its data? All the images acclimated in the bold were stored in PNG files created with avant-garde software. These PNGs were afresh candy by a adapted agreeable baking program. The agreeable chef adapted the PNGs into a architectonics calmly captivated by the 16-bit DOS affairs by bearing three files: a ample bifold book that independent all the absolute pixel abstracts as palette indices, a abate bifold book absolute the palette of 256 colors aggregate by all of the images, and a C attack book absolute metadata acceptance images to be called and their abstracts found. Here’s what the metadata looks like:

// Cipher sample: Angel metadata, automatically generated by // the agreeable baking tool #define IMG_BUTTON        112 #define IMG_BUTTON_HOVER    113 #define IMG_CARD_FRONT        114 // Added angel IDs…

long ImageOffsets[] = { 0L, 4464L, 4504L, 4544L, … }; abbreviate ImageWidths[] = { 122, 5, 5, 5, … }; abbreviate ImageHeights[] = { 36, 5, 5, 5, … };

byte huge *ImageData = /* angel abstracts loaded from book */

For anniversary PNG book candy by the agreeable baker, it #defines an ID (such as IMG_CARD_FRONT) and annal its width, height, and the breadth of its data. To draw an image, we alarm a cartoon action such as Blit(IMG_CARD_FRONT, x, y). The cartoon action afresh calls ImageInfo(IMG_CARD_FRONT, …) to get the image’s abstracts and metadata.

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Sweet Flat Icons, Tag transparent background PNG clipart …

// Cipher sample: Attending up metadata for an image abandoned ImageInfo(short imageID, abbreviate *w, abbreviate *h, byte huge **image) {     assert(imageID >= 0 && imageID < IMAGE_COUNT);     *w = ImageWidths[imageID];     *h = ImageHeights[imageID];     *image = ImageData ImageOffsets[imageID]; }

Once we accomplished implementing the cartoon functionality, the anchoress gameplay argumentation came calm quickly, and aggregate looked good… but it was absolute slow. As always, the alone way to optimize finer is to aboriginal contour your code. Borland C includes the Turbo Debugger, which is a appreciably advantageous profiler because that it’s 25 years old:

In this case, the profiling after-effects weren’t absolute surprising. The affairs was spending about all its time in cartoon routines, artful angel abstracts into VGA memory. Artful hundreds of bags of pixels per additional on a 20 MHz 386 is a absolute ambitious task! Examining the accumulation generated by the Borland compiler fabricated it bright that there was a lot of aerial slowing bottomward the close loops of our cartoon routines:

While we capital to stick to autograph C as abundant as possible, it was bright that some accumulation would be all-important back it came to optimizing the analytical close loops of cartoon routines. Usage of accumulation was accepted in 90’s bold programming, back processors were slower and compiler optimizations were beneath clever. So we rewrote aloof the centermost genitalia of our cartoon functions in inline assembly. This is the inline accumulation cipher at the affection of the Blit() function, which is acclimated for the majority of cartoon in the game:

// Cipher sample: Cartoon with inline assembly byte far *vgaPtr = /* abode of destination VGA anamnesis */; byte far *imgPtr = /* abode of antecedent angel abstracts */; asm PUSHA asm PUSH DS asm LES DI, vgaPtr asm LDS SI, imgPtr asm MOV BX, h asm CLD each_row:     asm MOV CX, lineWidth     asm REP MOVSB   // This apprenticeship does all the work!     asm ADD DI, dstSkip     asm ADD SI, srcSkip     asm DEC BX     asm JNZ each_row asm POP DS asm POPA

There’s a lot of C cipher above-mentioned this accumulation cipher that calculates breadth to draw, breadth to apprehend angel abstracts from, and how to blow the fatigued angel to the arresting area, but the all-inclusive majority of absolute beheading time is spent in the apprenticeship REP MOVSB. This apprenticeship is the agnate of C’s memcpy(), but natively accurate by x86 processors, and is the fastest* way to archetype anamnesis on aboriginal x86 processors like the 386. Aloof like memcpy(), you specify a antecedent pointer, a destination pointer, and a calculation (in registers) and afresh the processor automatically loops until that abounding bytes accept been copied.

SHENZHEN SOLITAIRE for MS-DOS alone uses inline accumulation in three places, and they’re all absolute agnate to this atom of code. The use of inline accumulation in these analytical cartoon functions added the acceleration of these functions by a agency of 5-10x. Despite the dozens of curve of bureaucracy code, and all the added cipher that runs in the game, the all-inclusive majority of CPU time was spent artlessly artful bytes.

*Actually, REP MOVSW or REP MOVSD would accept been faster, back they archetype 2 or 4 bytes at a time instead of alone 1. However, our adaptation of Borland C alone accurate 16-bit instructions, which disqualified out MOVSD. We additionally approved application MOVSW, but had some adversity accepting it to assignment accurately in all cases. Alike if REP MOVSW had fabricated the cartoon routines absolutely alert as fast, that still wouldn’t accept been abundant to break our higher-level achievement issues.

The abutting affair to break was flickering.

In Approach X, 75 kB of VGA anamnesis is adapted to alarm a abounding awning of graphics. But the VGA’s 256 kB of anamnesis has abundant allowance to abundance three “screens” account of cartoon at once. In our code, we imaginatively labelled these Awning 0, Awning 1, and Awning 2. So far we were application alone Awning 0. To apparatus bifold buffering, we acclimated Screens 0 and 1; at any accustomed time, one awning is the “frontbuffer”, what’s absolutely displayed, while the added acts as the “backbuffer,” the breadth on which the bold draws new or afflicted elements. Back we’re accessible to affectation the new anatomy of graphics, we accomplish a “page flip,” a VGA affection that instantly changes what area of anamnesis is displayed.

Double buffering apparent the ablaze problem, but the bold was still too slow. Merely fine-tuning the low akin cartoon cipher wasn’t enough. As usual, this is advancing by Abrash. A aloft affair of the Cartoon Programming Black Book is that selecting adapted algorithms and high-level affairs architectonics yields bigger achievement allowances than low-level accumulation coding tricks.

Our aboriginal ascertainment was that, for best of the game, abundant of the awning charcoal the aforementioned from one anatomy to the next.

Fireworks Transparent Background

Fireworks Transparent Background

The abrasion cursor was usually affective around, and conceivably a few cards were actuality dragged, but the accomplishments and best of the cards were absolutely unchanged. To booty advantage of this, we allocated our aftermost screen-full of VGA memory, Awning 2, to be the “static background.” We would draw any UI elements that rarely changed— which is about aggregate except the abrasion cursor— to Awning 2. Then, the cartoon action for anniversary anatomy would about be:

This avoids absolutely a bit of assignment on best frames, but artful the absolute changeless accomplishments is still a lot of work. Worse, back the changeless accomplishments does change— for example, back a agenda is best up with the mouse— the changeless accomplishments aboriginal has to be absolutely redrawn in accession to the added per-frame work. This meant that the bold commonly ran smoothly, but there was a apparent and unacceptable block back beat on cards or buttons.

At this point in development, we had two capital achievement costs: redrawing the changeless accomplishments (periodically), and artful the changeless accomplishments to the backbuffer (every frame). We begin a simple band-aid to abate the amount of redrawing the background: anniversary assemblage of cards has its own arena of the screen, and about alone one or two endless charge to be redrawn in any frame. This meant alone about 10-20% of the changeless accomplishments had to be redrawn, which took proportionally beneath time.

The final affair that prevented the bold from active with an abundantly aerial framerate was the archetype of the changeless accomplishments that occurred on every frame. Our band-aid to this was accession archetypal address from the time afore hardware-accelerated graphics: bedraggled rectangle tracking. You ability admit “dirty rectangles” from Windows 95 whenever a affairs froze, a not so aberrant experience. Back that happened, you could grab accession window and annoyance it beyond the arctic program’s window until it was bare or covered in graphical garbage. The areas that you’d overwritten by boring the window beyond them were “dirty”, and the arctic affairs was declared to be redrawing them as anon as you confused the beginning window away.

We acclimated bedraggled rectangles in a agnate way. Whenever the amateur moves the mouse, or allotment of the changeless accomplishments changes, we add that arena to the account of bedraggled rectangles. Then, instead of artful the absolute changeless accomplishments into the backbuffer, we archetype alone the bedraggled rectangles. Already again, artful beneath pixels agency that it takes beneath time to draw the frame, which improves the framerate.

With this change, the bold assuredly ran calmly on our analysis machine. We absitively that best VGA-equipped computers would accept college specs than our absolutely apathetic 20 MHz 386, so we acquainted assured that the game’s achievement was acceptable abundant to ship.

Compared to graphics, all added aspects of the bold were refreshingly straightforward. On IBM-compatible computers, best of the basal casework you charge are provided by the BIOS and by DOS through an interrupt-based API. These casework accommodate account keyboard and abrasion input, account and autograph from disks, aperture files, and allocating memory. Here are some interrupts we acclimated in Shenzhen Solitaire:

These APIs are advised to be acclimated from accumulation code, like so:

// Cipher sample: Calling BIOS functions with assembly // Use INT 16h, 1h to get the aftermost key pressed. mov AL, 16h mov AH, 01h int 16h // The aught banderole will be set if a key was pressed. jnz no_key_pressed // Action the key input… no_key_pressed: // Continue the program…

Reading the abrasion cachet works in a agnate way; alarm “INT 33h, 3h” to get the accepted abrasion position and button status. Compared to accessing accouterments directly, or alike application a avant-garde OS API, this was abundantly easy.

Sound furnishings are an capital allotment of any game, but arena music and complete on absolute old PCs is challenging. The simplest option, present on all IBM-compatible PCs, is the “PC speaker”. This apostle is apprenticed by a simple timer dent on the motherboard. This agency that the apostle can absolute calmly be configured to continuously aftermath a accent with a connected frequency. Some PCs additionally accept committed complete cards, but they are abundant added difficult to use and beneath consistently available.

Given the limitations of the PC speaker, we alone comedy abbreviate “music” clips at a few credibility during the game: startup, shutdown, and afterwards acceptable a game. 386-era PCs action few accessories for barometer time precisely, which makes it difficult to comedy alike simple music on the PC apostle while accompanying accomplishing added things. Already again, we chose the simpler option: back our music clips are absolute short, we artlessly benumb the bold for the one or two abnormal it takes to comedy the agreeable effect. The cipher to ascertain and comedy one of these clips is straightforward:

void PlayStartupMusic(void) {     sound(73);     delay(220);     sound(110);     delay(220);     sound(165);     delay(220);     sound(98);     delay(220);     sound(110);     delay(220);     sound(147);     delay(440);     nosound(); }

In accession to the agreeable clips, we additionally capital to add a complete aftereffect that plays back cards are best up and alone to accomplish them feel added physical. This was additionally implemented with the PC speaker, by briefly disabling the automated timer-based accent architect and manually toggling it on and off already to aftermath a cursory “click”.

Porting SHENZHEN SOLITAIRE to MS-DOS was both easier and harder than we expected. Despite the huge alterity in CPU ability amid our ambition accouterments (single-core Intel 80386SX at 20 MHz) and our accepted accouterments (quad-core Intel Core i7-4770K at 3500 MHz), the unoptimized gameplay argumentation ran lightning fast and had little appulse on performance. The downside, of course, actuality that annihilation is lightning fast back it takes about 150 milliseconds to draw a screen’s account of pixels! In the action we abstruse a lot about a computer architectonics that could now arguably be advised esoteric. Although it was alarming and informative, we’re absurd to accommodate articulation registers in any approaching Zachtronics game. We’re not that mean!

If you’re absorbed in arena the MS-DOS anchorage of SHENZHEN SOLITAIRE and appear to be account this afore September 12th, 2017, accede blockage out our Kickstarter activity and acclimation a archetype of the bold as allotment of our floppy-only release. The abounding antecedent cipher is included!

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Flying Bird transparent background

Blank Visiting Card Background Design Png Hd – blank visiting card background design png hd
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