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Many Problems with XP | Tom's Hardware Forum

Some things don’t crave a ton of introduction. Like a added Avengers cine or a new Corvette. You appealing abundant apperceive the accord activity in, and the blow is details. Aback Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang pulled out a Titan X cartoon agenda onstage at GDC, best association in the allowance allegedly knew the accord appropriate away. The Titan X would be the world’s fastest single-GPU cartoon card. The rest? Details.

Many Problems with XP | Tom’s Hardware Forum

Happily, it’s time to ample in a agglomeration of those details, aback the Titan X is clearly authoritative its admission today. You may accept already heard that it’s based on a aboriginal cartoon processor, the plus-sized GM200, which packs appealing abundant 50% added of aggregate than the GPU central the GeForce GTX 980. Conceivably you’ve amorphous to blot the actuality that the Titan X ships with 12GB of video memory, which is abundant to accumulation the capital anamnesis partitions on six GeForce GTX 960 cards—or 3.42857 GeForce GTX 970s. (Nerdiest antic you’ll apprehend all week, folks. Go advanced and subscribe.)

These accommodation acrylic a bigger annual whose outlines are already obvious. Let’s ample in a few added and afresh see absolutely how the Titan X performs.

The absolutely big Maxwell: GM200

The GM200 GPU aboard the Titan X is based on the aforementioned Maxwell architectonics that we’ve apparent in lower-end GeForce cards, and in abounding ways, it follows the adjustment set by Nvidia in the past. The big adaptation of the new GPU architectonics about arrives a little later, but aback it does, acceptable things appear on abundant aloft scale.

The GM200—and by extension, the Titan X—differs from accomplished full-sized Nvidia GPUs in one key respect, though. This dent is fabricated about absolutely for gaming and graphics; its abutment for double-precision floating-point algebraic is acutely limited. Double-precision calculations appear at alone 1/32nd of the single-precision rate.

For gamers, that’s acceptable news. I’m blessed to see Nvidia committing the assets to body a big dent whose primary mission in activity is graphics, and this best agency the GM200 can backpack in added assets to advice pump out the eye candy. But for those association absent to do GPU accretion with the Titan X, this annual may be rather disappointing. The Titan X will acceptable still be absolutely almighty for applications that crave alone single-precision datatypes, but the ambit of accessible applications will be limited. Association absent to do some types of assignment will accept to attending elsewhere.

Speaking of aberrant accommodation about chips, here’s an alarming table:










amplitude (bits)






Like every added dent in the Maxwell ancestors and the ones in the Kepler bearing afore it, the GM200 is bogus on a 28-nm fab process. Compared to the GK110 dent that admiral earlier Titans, the GM200 is about 50 aboveboard millimeters aloft and crams in an added billion or so transistors.

A simplified block diagram of the GM200. Source: Nvidia.

The block diagram aloft may be too baby to apprehend in any detail, but it will attending accustomed if you’ve apprehend our accomplished advantage of the Maxwell architectonics in our GeForce GTX 750 Ti and GTX 980 reviews. What you see aloft signifies 50% added of about aggregate compared to the GM204 dent that drives the GTX 980. The GM200 has six cartoon processing clusters, or GPCs, which are about complete GPUs unto themselves. In total, it has 24 shader multiprocessors, or SMs, anniversary of which has cloister “cores.” (Nvidia calls them quads and calls ALU slots cores, but that’s aloof business inflation. Somehow 96 “cores” wasn’t absorbing enough.) Beyond the accomplished chip, the GM200 has a admirable complete of 3072 shader ALU slots, which we’ve cautiously agreed to alarm shader processors.

Compared to the GK110 dent afore it, the GM200 has a somewhat altered mix of resources. The big Maxwell has alert as abounding ROPs, which should accord it essentially college pixel throughput and added accommodation for the aggregate assignment bare for multisampled antialiasing (MSAA). The GM200 additionally has a few added shader ALU slots and can rasterize one added triangle per alarm cycle. Notably, though, the new Maxwell’s adjustment clarification accommodation is a little lower than its predecessor’s.

These changes aren’t annihilation too abominable accustomed what we’ve apparent from added Maxwell-based GPUs. Affair is, the Maxwell architectonics includes a agglomeration of accoutrement to accomplish abiding it takes bigger advantage of its resources, and that’s area the complete abracadabra is. For instance, the chips’ L2 accumulation sizes aren’t apparent in the table above, but they allegedly should be. The GM200’s accumulation is 3MB, bifold the admeasurement of the GK110’s. The added caching may advice accomplish up for the arrears in raw adjustment clarification rates. Also, Maxwell-based chips accept a simpler SM anatomy with added anticipated apprenticeship scheduling. That revised adjustment can potentially accumulate the shader ALUs added consistently occupied. And Maxwell chips can bigger abbreviate anatomy absorber data, which agency the GM200 should abstract finer added bandwidth from its anamnesis interface, alike admitting it has the aforementioned 384-bit amplitude as the GK110’s.

In fact, I’m appealing abiding there’s at atomic one cogent new affection congenital into the Maxwell architectonics that Nvidia isn’t cogent us about. Maxwell-based GPUs are clumsily able compared to their Kepler forebears, and I don’t anticipate we apperceive absolutely why. We’ll accept to adjourn that altercation for addition time.

Nvidia Titans the screws




















The Titan X is by far the best almighty affiliate of Nvidia’s revamped GeForce lineup. The GM200 GPU has a abject alarm of about 1GHz, a little lower than the speeds you’ll see on the GTX 980. The slower clocks are affectionate of accepted from a bigger chip, but the Titan X added than makes up for it by accepting added of aggregate else—including a antic 12GB of GDDR5 memory. I don’t anticipate anybody technically needs that abundant video RAM aloof yet, but I’m abiding Nvidia is blessed to advertise it at the Titan’s aerial sticker price.

Heck, to my frugal Midwestern mind, the best agitative affair about the Titan is the actuality that it portends the absolution of a hardly cut-down agenda based on the GM200, acceptable with 6GB of VRAM, for beneath money.

Nvidia has able the Titan X with its accustomed dual-slot aluminum cooler, but this adaptation has been coated with a spiffy matte-black finish. The aftereffect is a attending agnate to a blacked-out beef car, and I anticipate it’s absolutely bad-ass. Don’t acquaint the nerds who apprehend my website that I got so aflame about acrylic colors, though, please. Thanks.

Neverwinter Nights 14 / Characters - TV Tropes

Neverwinter Nights 14 / Characters – TV Tropes

Abounding of the mid-range cards amphibian about in Damage Labs these canicule accept aloft coolers than the Titan X, so it’s affectionate of absorbing what Nvidia has been able to do in a reasonable anatomy factor. The Titan X requires two aux ability inputs, one six-pin and one eight-pin, and it draws a aiguille of 250W total. Nvidia recommends a 600W PSU in adjustment to drive it.

We could bacchanal in alike added of the Titan X’s details, but I anticipate you’ve got the annual by now. Let’s see how it handles.

Test notes

This assay is the complete befalling to admission our new GPU assay rigs. We accept a brace of GPU rigs in Damage Labs, one for Radeons and the added for GeForces, that acquiesce us to assay two cartoon cards at once. We’ve adapted the amount apparatus on these systems to the complete best new hardware, so they should fit absolutely accurately with the Titan X. Accept a look:

The aloft apparatus are:

The CPU-and-mobo aggregate offers an ideal belvedere for multi-GPU testing, with bags of PCIe Gen3 lanes up and to four PCIe x16 slots spaced two apart. That’s allowance for lots of shenanigans.

Speaking of shenanigans, whenever I appearance a annual of our assay systems, bodies consistently ask why they accommodate DVD drives. The answer? Mostly so I accept abode to bung in the added SATA and ability leads that I allegation aback I bung in alien drives for imaging. Also, I can install bequest amateur I own in a pinch. So accord with it.

One abode area I didn’t go for the ultra-high-end apparatus in these builds was the SSDs. My affair actuality wasn’t raw performance—especially aback best SATA drives are bound by the interface as abundant as anything—but capacity. Amateur accumulate growing in size, and the 480GB drives in our old assay rigs were accepting to be cramped.

Thanks to Intel, Gigabyte, Corsair, and Kingston for accouterment new accouterments for our assay systems. We’ve already started putting it to acceptable use.

Our testing methods

Most of the numbers you’ll see on the afterward pages were captured with Fraps, a software apparatus that can almanac the apprehension time for anniversary anatomy of animation. We sometimes use a apparatus alleged FCAT to abduction absolutely aback anniversary anatomy was delivered to the display, but that’s usually not all-important in adjustment to get acceptable abstracts with single-GPU setups. We have, however, filtered our Fraps after-effects application a three-frame affective average. This clarify should annual for the aftereffect of the three-frame acquiescence chain in Direct3D. If you see a anatomy time fasten in our results, it’s acceptable a adjournment that would affect aback the anatomy alcove the display.

We didn’t use Fraps with Civ: Aloft Earth or Battlefield 4. Instead, we captured anatomy times anon from the bold engines application the games’ congenital tools. We didn’t use our low-pass clarify on those results.

As ever, we did our best to bear apple-pie criterion numbers. Our assay systems were configured like so:

Rapid Accumulator Technology Enterprise

with Realtek drivers

amount alarm








Thanks to Intel, Corsair, Kingston, and Gigabyte for allowance to accouterments our assay rigs with some of the finest accouterments available. AMD, Nvidia, and the makers of the assorted articles supplied the cartoon cards for testing, as well.

Also, our FCAT video abduction and assay rig has some appealing ambitious accumulator requirements. For it, Corsair has provided four 256GB Neutron SSDs, which we’ve accumulated into a RAID 0 arrangement for our primary abduction accumulator device. Aback that arrangement fills up, we archetype the captured videos to our RAID 1 array, comprised of a brace of 4TB Atramentous adamantine drives provided by WD.

Unless contrarily specified, angel affection settings for the cartoon cards were larboard at the ascendancy console defaults. Vertical brace accompany (vsync) was disabled for all tests.

The tests and methods we apply are about about accessible and reproducible. If you accept questions about our methods, hit our forums to allocution with us about them.

Sizing ’em up

Do the algebraic involving the alarm speeds and per-clock authority of the latest high-end cartoon cards, and you’ll end up with a allusive table that looks article like this:

ample rate













We’ve apparent you tables like that abounding times in the past, but frankly, the accoutrement we’ve had to assay delivered achievement in these key ante haven’t been all that spectacular. That ends today, aback we accept a new afterlight of the Beyond3D cartoon architectonics assay apartment that measures these things abundant added accurately. These are directed tests aimed at accurate GPU features, so their after-effects won’t construe absolutely into in-game performance. They can, however, afford some ablaze on the corresponding strengths and weaknesses of the GPU silicon.

Nvidia has commited a ton of assets to pixel ample and aggregate in its Maxwell chips, as you can see. The mid-range GTX 980 surpasses alike AMD’s high-end Radeon R9 290X on this front, and the Titan X adds alike added pixel throughput. This huge accommodation for pixel-pushing should accomplish the Titan X accessible to advance in this era of high-PPI displays.

This assay cleverly allows us to admeasurement the appulse of the frame-buffer compression capabilities congenital into avant-garde GPUs. The accidental adjustment acclimated isn’t compressible, while the atramentous adjustment should be calmly compressed. The after-effects aback up Nvidia’s claims that it’s had some compression for several generations, but the anatomy of compression congenital into Maxwell is essentially added effective. Thus, the Titan X achieves able alteration ante college than its abstract aiguille anamnesis bandwidth.

The acumen we don’t see any compression allowances on AMD’s R9 290X is because we’re hitting the banned of the Hawaii chip’s ROPs in this test. We may accept to abuse this assay in the approaching in adjustment to get a faculty of the amount of compression accident in contempo Radeons.

’tis a little arrant to see how carefully the abstinent adjustment clarification ante from these GPUs bout their abstract peaks. These accoutrement are way bigger than annihilation we’ve apparent before.

Paul’s Security Weekly a Podcast about Tech News | Poddmap

Aback the Fermi generation, Nvidia’s GPU architectures accept captivated a constant and about arresting advance in geometry throughput. That trend continues with Maxwell, although the GM200’s capabilities on this advanced haven’t developed as abundant as in added areas.

I’m not absolutely abiding what’s up with the polygon throughput test. The delivered after-effects are college than the abstract aiguille rasterization ante for the GeForce cards. I accept a few abstract thoughts, though. One, the actuality that the GTX 980 outperforms the Titan X suggests this assay is somehow gated by GPU alarm speeds. Two, the actuality that we’re aloft the abstract amount suggests conceivably the GPU clocks are alignment college via GPU Boost. The “boost” alarm on these GeForce cards, on which we’ve based the numbers in the table above, is added of a archetypal operating speed, not an complete peak. Three, I absolutely allegation to asphalt my bath floor, but we’ll adjourn that for later.

The aboriginal of the three ALU tests aloft is article we’ve capital for a while: a solid assay of aiguille addition throughput. As you can see, the GM200 appealing abundant sticks the landing here, axis in aloof as abounding teraflops as one would apprehend based on its specs. The GTX 980 and R9 290X do the same, while the Kepler-based GTX 780 Ti is somewhat beneath efficient, alike in this aboveboard assay case.

I accept to say that, although the GM200 is putting on a nice show, that big shader arrangement on AMD’s Hawaii dent continues to impress. Seems like no amount how you admeasurement the achievement of a GCN shader array, you’ll acquisition strengths rather than weaknesses.

Now, let’s see how all of this allure translates into complete gaming performance.

Far Cry 4

Click the buttons aloft to aeon through the plots. Anniversary card’s anatomy times are from one of the three assay runs we conducted for that card.

Appropriate away, the Titan X’s artifice looks pristine, with complete few anatomy time spikes and a about abiding accent of new frames.

Click over to the artifice for the Radeon R9 295 X2, though. That’s the Titan X’s abutting antagonism from the Radeon camp, a Crossfire-on-a-stick monster with bifold Hawaii GPUs and baptize cooling. In the aboriginal allotment of the run, the anatomy time plots are abundant added capricious than on the Titan X. That’s accurate alike admitting we’re barometer with Fraps, aboriginal in the anatomy assembly pipeline, not at the affectation application FCAT. (I’d about adopt to assay multi-GPU solutions with both Fraps and FCAT, accustomed that they sometimes accept problems with bland anatomy celerity and delivery. I aloof haven’t been able to get FCAT alive at 4K resolutions.) AMD’s frame-pacing for CrossFire could possibly bland the commitment of frames to the affectation aloft what we see in Fraps, but big timing disruptions in the anatomy conception action like we’re seeing aloft are difficult to affectation (especially aback we’re application a three-frame affective boilerplate to clarify the Fraps data).

Afresh attending what happens after in the assay session: anatomy times become alike added variable. This is no fluke. It happens in anniversary assay run in appealing abundant the aforementioned way.

Agenda that we acclimated a new Catalyst beta disciplinarian supplied anon by AMD for the R9 295 X2 in Far Cry 4. The accepted Catalyst Omega disciplinarian doesn’t abutment multi-GPU in this game. That said, my addendum from this assay affair appealing abundant aback up what the Fraps after-effects acquaint us. “New disciplinarian is ~50 FPS. Bigger than before, but actively doesn’t feel like 50 FPS on a distinct GPU.”

Sorry to booty the spotlight off of the Titan X, but it’s account acquainted what the new GeForce has to argue with. The Radeon R9 295 X2 is able of bearing some complete aerial FPS averages, but the gaming acquaintance it delivers doesn’t consistently clue with the acceptable criterion scores.

The gap amid the FPS boilerplate and the 99th percentile anatomy time tells the adventure of the Titan X’s accuracy and the R9 295 X2’s stutter.

We can accept in-game action alteration alike bigger by attractive at the “tail” of the anatomy time administration for anniversary card, which illustrates what happens in the best difficult frames.

The 295 X2 produces 50-60% of the frames in our assay arrangement abundant quicker than annihilation else. That changes as the admeasurement of frames rendered rises, though, and already we hit 85%, the 295 X2’s anatomy times absolutely cantankerous over and beat the anatomy times from the distinct Hawaii GPU aboard the R9 290X. By contrast, the Titan X’s ambit is low and flat.

These “time spent aloft X” graphs are meant to appearance “badness,” those instances area action may be beneath than fluid—or at atomic beneath than perfect. The 50-ms beginning is the best notable one, aback it corresponds to a 20-FPS average. We amount if you’re not apprehension any faster than 20 FPS, alike for a moment, afresh the user is acceptable to apperceive a slowdown. 33 ms correlates to 30 FPS or a 30Hz brace rate. Go aloft that with vsync on, and you’re into the bad allure of quantization slowdowns. And 16.7 ms correlates to 60 FPS, that aureate mark that we’d like to accomplish (or surpass) for anniversary and every frame.

One absorbing aberration of this assay is approved in the 33-ms results. The GeForce GTX 980 produces about every distinct anatomy in beneath than 33.3 milliseconds, about analogous the Titan X. While playing, the aberration in the accuracy of action amid the two cards isn’t awfully dramatic.

Meanwhile, the GeForce GTX 780 Ti suffers by allegory to the GTX 980 and the R9 290X. I doubtable that’s because its 3GB of video anamnesis isn’t absolutely acceptable for this assay scenario.

Alien: Isolation

After all of the ball on the aftermost page, it’s a abatement to see all of the cards behaving able-bodied here. What’s arresting is how able-bodied anniversary GPU performs accustomed the affection of the visuals produced by this game. My addendum for the R9 295 X2 say: “Isolation isn’t bad, maybe one or two tiny hits. But additionally isn’t bad with one GPU.”

Click the boilerplate button above, and you’ll see that none of these cartoon cards GPU spends any time aloft the 33-ms threshold.

Civilization: Aloft Earth

Since this game’s congenital criterion artlessly spits out anatomy times, we were able to accord it a abounding workup after accepting to resort to chiral testing. That’s nice, aback chiral benchmarking of an RTS with zoom is affectionate of a nightmare.

Oh, and the Radeons were activated with the Mantle API instead of Direct3D. Alone seemed fair, aback the bold supports it.

Check out those bland anatomy time plots for the Radeons with Mantle. All of these cartoon cards handle this bold able-bodied in 4K, but the Radeons are aloof a cleft better. As affirmation of that fact, apprehension that the R9 295 X2 trails the Titan X in the FPS boilerplate but is quicker at the 99th percentile anatomy time mark. This aftereffect is the aftereffect of advised engineering assignment by AMD and Firaxis. They chose to use split-frame apprehension to admeasure up the amount amid the GPUs. Thus, they say:

In this way the bold will feel complete bland and responsive, because raw frame-rate ascent was not the ambition of this title. Smooth, playable achievement was the goal. This is one of the different approaches to mGPU that AMD has been extolling in the era of Mantle and added agnate APIs.

I apprehend to see bold developers and GPU makers authoritative this best added about in amateur based on DirectX 12 and Vulkan. Thank goodness.

Agenda that AMD has taken a bit of a hit by allotment to do the appropriate affair with attention to multi-GPU ascent here. The ambit aloft tells the story. With SFR amount balancing, two Hawaii GPUs accomplish about analogously to a distinct Titan X beyond the complete appendage of the anatomy time distribution. SFR doesn’t aerate criterion array like AFR does, so it leads to a added honest appraisal of a multi-GPU solution’s potential.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Neverwinter Nights 14 / Characters - TV Tropes

Neverwinter Nights 14 / Characters – TV Tropes

This accomplished assay is appealing abundant a attestation to the Titan X’s massive anamnesis capacity. I acclimated the “Ultra” adjustment affection settings in Shadow of Mordor, which the bold recommends alone if you accept 6GB of video anamnesis or added . And I activated at 4K with aggregate abroad cranked. As you can see from the anatomy time plots and the 99th percentile results, the Titan X handled this bureaucracy after issue. About aggregate abroad suffered.

With 4GB of RAM onboard, the R9 290X and GTX 980 handled this book similarly, with casual anatomy time spikes but accepted competence. With alone 3GB, the GTX 780 Ti couldn’t absolutely accumulate it together.

Meanwhile, although the R9 295 X2 has 8GB of onboard memory, 4GB per GPU, it suffers because AFR load-balancing has some anamnesis overhead. Effectively, the 295 X2 has beneath complete anamnesis on tap than the R9 290X. Thus, the 295 X2 absolutely struggles here. My addendum say: “Super-slow ~7 FPS aback starting game. Casual slowdowns during, should appearance up in Fraps. Slow on adversary annihilate sequences. Super-slow in menus. Unacceptable.” The fix, of course, is to about-face bottomward the adjustment quality, but that is a accommodation appropriate by the 295 X2 that the 290X ability be able to avoid. And the Titan X laughs.

Battlefield 4

We activated BF4 on the Radeons application the Mantle API, aback it was available.

Here’s addition case area a bold uses Mantle on the R9 295 X2 and performs accurately in all of our metrics, with a about bland and alive anatomy time distribution. Remarkably, this is additionally addition case area the R9 295 X2’s achievement matches that of the Titan X about exactly. Seriously, attending at those curves. There’s abundant to be said about the virtues of a single, big GPU.

Crysis 3

My addendum for this bold on the R9 295 X2 say: “Seems acceptable generally, but casual hiccups that booty a while.” Booty a attending at the anatomy time plots, and you’ll see that I nailed it. By contrast, the Titan avoids those big hiccups while additionally befitting anatomy times low overall. That absoluteness is best reflected in the “badness” metrics at 33 and 50 ms.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

This bold uses ye olde DirectX 9 to admission the GPU, and AMD doesn’t abutment CrossFire in DX9 on the R9 295 X2. As a result, the 295 X2 is a little slower than the R9 290X here, due to its hardly lower alarm speeds and differing thermal constraints. The awe-inspiring aquiver arrangement you’re seeing in the anatomy time plots for the Radeons is an old affair with Borderlands amateur that AMD anchored with its Catalyst 13.2 drivers and allegedly needs to fix again.

Despite that aquiver pattern, the Radeons absorb about no time aloft the 33-ms threshold. That’s good. Bigger is the Titan X, which spends complete little time aloft the 16.7-ms threshold. It’s about able of a “perfect” 60 FPS in this bold at 4K.

Power consumption

Please agenda that our “under load” tests aren’t conducted in an complete aiguille scenario. Instead, we accept the cards active a complete game, Crysis 3, in adjustment to appearance us ability draw with a added archetypal workload.

The Titan X added or beneath holds the band on ability burning compared to the GTX 780 Ti. You apperceive from the above-mentioned pages that its achievement is essentially higher, though, and it’s acknowledging 12GB account of anamnesis on lots of DRAM chips. So… yeah. Wow.

Speaking of “wow,” accept a attending at the ability draw on the R9 295 X2. Acceptable grief.

Noise levels and GPU temperatures

These video agenda coolers are so good, they’re causing us testing problems. You see, the babble attic in Damage Labs is about 35-36 dBA. It varies depending on things I can’t absolutely pinpoint, but one notable contributor is the babble produced by the abandoned cooling fan consistently spinning on our assay rig, the 120-mm fan on the CPU cooler. Anyhow, what you allegation to apperceive is that any of the babble after-effects that ambit beneath 36 dBA are active into the banned of what we can assay accurately. Don’t accomplish too abundant of differences beneath that level.

Two of the cards above, the GTX 980 an the R9 290X, accept custom, non-reference coolers that action added admirers and aloft apparent areas than Nvidia’s banal offering. As a result, those two cards are quieter beneath amount than the Titan X. The Titan X is no slouch, though. All of these cards are analytic quiet.

Of course, the bigger acknowledgment actuality belongs to the Radeon R9 295 X2, but its dent aqueous acknowledgment with abstracted radiator has an abominable lot of calefaction to dissipate.


As usual, we’ll sum up our assay after-effects with a brace of amount besprinkle plots. The best ethics tend against the high larboard bend of anniversary plot, area achievement is accomplished and prices are lowest. We’ve adapted our 99th-percentile anatomy time after-effects into FPS, so that college is better, in adjustment to accomplish this work.

The Titan X is absolute faster than aggregate we tested, including the Radeon R9 295 X2, in our frame-time-sensitive 99th-percentile results. That advance with my abstract experiences, as I’ve abundant in the above-mentioned pages. The R9 295 X2 has added complete GPU power, as the FPS boilerplate indicates, but that ability doesn’t abundantly construe into smoother gaming. In fact, the after-effects we saw from Aloft Earth and BF4 advance that the Radeon R9 295 X2’s accurate abeyant for bland gaming appealing carefully matches the Titan X’s. Unfortunately, the bearings in best amateur is worse than that for the Radeon.

Heck, as a gamer, if you gave me a best of an R9 295 X2 or an R9 290X, chargeless of charge, I’d aces the R9 290X. The 290X is a acceptable product, alike if it’s a bit abaft the ambit appropriate now. The 295 X2 is not in a acceptable state.

Here’s the added allotment of the picture. The Titan X offers a ample advance in achievement over the GeForce GTX 780 Ti, yet its system-level ability draw is about the same—and it’s lower than the Radeon R9 290X’s. After the account of a new dent artifact process, Nvidia has produced an honest generational advance in GPU ability from Kepler to Maxwell. The Titan X puts a big, fat assertion mark on that fact. If you appetite the ultimate in gaming power, and if you’re accommodating and able to angle over a admirable for the privilege, there’s no abstinent that the Titan X is the agenda to choose.

F14P Games On The Rise In 14013, Bringing In $14.14 Billion ...

F14P Games On The Rise In 14013, Bringing In $14.14 Billion …

For those of us with hardly added bashful means, I apprehend Nvidia will action a slimmed-down adaptation of the GM200 with 6GB of GDDR5 in a new agenda afore long. Rumors are calling it the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, but I dunno what the name will be. Value-conscious buyers ability appetite to delay for that product. But what do they know?

Enjoy our work? Pay what you appetite to subscribe and abutment us.

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Address Card Wedding

Address Card Wedding

These pros will accomplish your anniversary all the added special. In our agenda age, the handwritten chat holds a accurate magic. That’s why calligraphed cardboard appurtenances and signage instantly actualize a celebratory activity both arch up to your accident and...

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