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Steam Community :: Guide :: (outdated) A gamebreaking combo ...

Items are what accomplish The Binding of Isaac such an capricious bold with anniversary run actuality altered from the last. As of Afterbirth , there are able-bodied over 500 altered active, passive, and analeptic items accessible in the game. With so many, it would be acutely difficult to put them all actuality on one page. Therefore, actuality I will be accoutrement the basics back it comes to analeptic items, chests, actualization transformations triggered by accession assertive items, and assuredly all items that aftereffect in an accomplishment actuality awarded.

Steam Community :: Guide :: (outdated) A gamebreaking combo ...

Steam Community :: Guide :: (outdated) A gamebreaking combo …

For the best in abyss account on what anniversary and every account in this bold does I advance activity to and bookmarking the armpit which hosts an alternate account of every account in the bold with images. All you allegation to do is hover over the account you appetite to apperceive added about and it will accord you all the accordant advice on the left-hand ancillary of your screen. With that done lets get into the added items.


Red Hearts – Acclimated to furnish HP in your affection containers. Can arise as half-hearts, abounding hearts, or double-hearts.

Soul Hearts – Dejected hearts that are added on to the end of your HP bar. If your HP is maxed out (12 containers) you cannot aces these up. Commonly activate by alarming up dejected campfires or alarming up brave rocks.

Demon Hearts – Atramentous hearts that are activate about in approved apartment sometimes. Can additionally be activate in Devil Apartment or in red chests. If you accept a abounding HP bar (12 containers) and some of those are Soul Hearts they will be replaced/overrided by the Demon Heart.

Gold Hearts – Back collected, the aftermost affection in your HP bar will accept a aureate outline put about it. Already the affection with the gold outline is depleted you will bead a accidental bulk of altered bill about your character.


Regular Bombs – Pretty cocky explanatory. Can be activate as one bomb or in pairs.

Troll Bombs – Arise in two altered varieties. Normal broadcast bombs will breach in abode back they arise and will backfire already their agglutinate runs out. Big Broadcast Bombs will hunt your actualization bottomward and backfire back the agglutinate runs out. To best abstain ample Broadcast Bombs, you either allegation a acceptable acceleration carbon to outrun them or you can shoot them with your tears to accept the basal knockback aftereffect from them advance them bombs abroad from you which is usually enough.

Golden Bombs (Afterbirth) – Gives you absolute bombs for the continuance of the accepted attic you are on.


Pennies – Simple gold bill that add 1 to your bread adverse back collected

Nickels – Dark blah coloured bill that add 5 to your adverse back collected

Dimes – Silver bill that add 10 to your adverse back collected

Lucky Penny (Afterbirth) – Looks the aforementioned as a approved penny but will accord you 1 Luck back collected

Sticky Nickel (Afterbirth) – Back you try to aggregate it, the nickel will cast and become ashore to the ground. Can alone be calm by application an atomic to chargeless it.


Regular Keys – Cocky explanatory, can additionally be activate in pairs.

Golden Key – Gives you absolute keys for the accepted floor. Works on both doors and golden/angel chests.

Charged Key (Afterbirth ) – Gives you a key and accuse your alive account the aforementioned as a array would.


When collected, a array will absolutely allegation any alive account you are currently holding.

Sacks (Afterbirth)

Sacks can spawn a cardinal of altered types of pick-ups including hearts, cards, pills, bombs, keys, runes and batteries.

Tarot/Playing Cards

Tarot and Playing Cards can be acutely advantageous back acclimated accurately and strategically. The cards and their uses are as follows:

The Fool – Teleports you to the accepted floor’s starting allowance area you aboriginal arrived.

The Magician – Gives you homing attempt tears for the continuance of the accepted room.

High Priestess – Summons Mom’s Foot to arise abolition bottomward and deals massive accident to a accidental enemy. If acclimated in an abandoned allowance or during the Mom fight, it will barge you instead.

The Empress – Gives you the Whore of Babylon aftereffect for the accepted room.

The Emperor – Teleports you beeline to the bang-up allowance for the accepted floor.

The Heirophant – Spawns two Soul Hearts on the floor.

The Lovers – Spawns two red hearts on the floor.

The Chariot – Gives you acting backbone and allows you to accord acquaintance accident to enemies. You cannot shoot tears while this is in effect.

Justice – Spawns one heart, key, bomb and coin. Be accurate as it can spawn Broadcast Bombs.

The Hermit – Teleports you to the floor’s shop. If on a attic afterwards a shop, it will teleport you to a accidental allowance on the floor.

Wheel of Fortune – Spawns a Slot Machine or Fortune Teller Machine.

Strength – Increases all of your stats (except Tears) for the allowance and gives you an added affection alembic which will abandon already you leave the room.

The Hanged Man – Grants you the adeptness to fly for the accepted room.

Death – Deals 40 accident to all enemies in the room.

Temperance – Spawns a Blood Donation Machine. (Afterbirth/A – Can additionally spawn a Demon Beggar)

The Devil – Gives you the Book of Belial aftereffect for the accepted room.

The Tower – Spawns six approved Broadcast Bombs about the room.

The Stars – Teleports you to the floor’s Account Room. If there is no Account Room, you will be teleported to addition allowance at random.

The Moon – Teleport you to the floor’s approved abstruse room.

The Sun – Deals accident to enemies in the allowance agnate to Death, absolutely heals your red affection containers, and reveals the absolute map for the attic (if not afflicted by a curse)

Judgement – Spawns a beggar

Seed Paper Thank You Cards Blank Inside by flowerseedpaper ...

Seed Paper Thank You Cards Blank Inside by flowerseedpaper …

The World – Reveals the absolute floor, will not assignment if Anathema of the Lost is active.

2 of Clubs – Gives you 2 bombs if you accept 0; otherwise, it doubles the bulk of bombs you are holding.

2 of Diamonds – Doubles the bulk of money you have.

2 of Hearts – Heals you for 2x the bulk of HP you accept actual (if you accept 10 containers with 4HP larboard you will be healed to 8HP)

2 of Spades – Gives you 2 keys if you accept 0 contrarily it doubles the bulk of keys you have.

Ace of Clubs (Afterbirth ) – Turns all analeptic items and chests in the allowance into bombs.

Ace of Diamonds (Afterbirth ) – Turns all analeptic items and chests in the allowance into coins.

Ace of Hearts (Afterbirth ) – Turns all pick-ups and chests in the allowance into accidental variants of hearts (red/soul/demon/eternal).

Ace of Spades (Afterbirth ) – Turns all pick-ups and chests in the allowance into keys.

The Joker – Teleports you beeline to a Devil or Angel Room. Best acclimated on a attic afterwards a bang-up is defeated and either allowance does not appear.

Chaos Agenda – Will be befuddled in the administration you are affective back used. Instantly kills any adversary or bang-up that it hits including Hush, Delirium, and Mega Satan (only kills accepted form).

Credit Agenda – Back acclimated in a shop, Devil Room, or Atramentous Market, it will accord you all of the items in the allowance for chargeless (removing either the bread or affection bulk for anniversary item).

Rules Agenda – Displays a accidental bulletin at the top of the screen.

Card Against Humanity – Fill the absolute allowance with poop.

Suicide King – Instantly kills you and leaves an altered bulk of auto items and chests about your body. Should alone anytime be acclimated if you accept an added life.

Get Out of Jail Chargeless (Afterbirth) – Has the Dad’s Key effect, which opens all doors or abstruse doorways in the accepted room. Can be acclimated to accessible Mega Satan door.

? Agenda (Afterbirth) – Back acclimated it will actor the action of the alive account you are holding.

Holy Agenda (Afterbirth ) – Gives you the Holy Mantle aftereffect for the accepted room

Huge Growth (Afterbirth ) – Increases your avatar admeasurement and increases your ambit and damage.

Ancient Recall (Afterbirth ) – Spawns three accidental cards.

Era Walk (Afterbirth ) – Your movement acceleration is added and both enemies and your attempt acceleration are decreased for the accepted room.


Dagaz – Removes the accepted floor’s anathema (if there is one) and adds one Soul Affection to your HP bar.

Hagalaz – Destroys all rocks, skulls, etc. aural the room.

Jera – Doubles all pick-ups and chests in the accepted room. If there are already opened chests, it will still carbon them into bankrupt chests. Can not carbon added Jera runes or trinkets

Ehwaz – Creates a trapdoor that can either advance to the abutting attic or to a Crawlspace/Black Market

Ansuz – Reveals the map for the accepted attic including both abstruse rooms.

Perthro – Has the aforementioned aftereffect as The D6 and re-rolls any basement items in the room

Berkano – Creates three dejected flies and spiders

Algiz – Gives you a backbone absorber for 30 seconds

Blank Rune (Afterbirth) – Uses one of the added rune furnishings at random. Has a 25% adventitious to spawn addition Blank Rune back used

Black Rune (Afterbirth ) – Back acclimated it will accord 40 accident to all enemies in the room. Will absorb any aces up items in the allowance and about-face them into dejected flies. Will absorb any basement items in the allowance and accord you accidental carbon boosts.

Dice Shard – One time D6 aftereffect use

Emergency Acquaintance – Calls bottomward two Mom’s Hands which will grab two accidental enemies and abolish them from the room.


There are 9 altered coloured versions of pills (13 back apart in Afterbirth). 28/11/8 Back you activate your run anniversary atramentous bolus is assigned one of 28 altered accessible bolus furnishings (39 back apart in Afterbirth, 47 back apart in Afterbirth ). Bolus furnishings can be either absolute or negative, but you won’t apperceive what a bolus does until you use it. Already used, that bolus blush will be identifiable for the blow of your run.

Items that assignment with pills accommodate PHD and Virgo which catechumen any abrogating pills into their absolute counterparts.

48 Hour Energy – Completely accuse your alive account and spawns two batteries on the ground

Amnesia – Gives the Anathema of the Lost aftereffect for the floor. Cannot be negated by Atramentous Candle, Dagaz, the Sun card, or Ansuz.

Bad Gas – Makes you fart appropriately contagion adjacent enemies.

Bad Trip – Cause 1 affection account of red affection damage. If you accept alone 1HP larboard the bolus will act as a Abounding Health. Accident from this bolus will aching your Devil Allowance chances.

Balls of Steel – Adds 2x Soul Hearts anon to your HP bar.

Bombs Are Key – Swaps your bomb and key counters about (4 bombs and 8 keys becomes 8 bombs and 4 keys).

Explosive Diarrhoea – Spawns 5 alive bombs at 1 per additional abaft you.

Full Bloom – Completely heals all red affection containers

Health Bottomward – Removes a red affection alembic from your HP bar. If you accept alone 1 red affection remaining, the bolus will become a Bloom Up unsteady.

Health Up – Adds a red affection alembic to your HP bar.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth glitch extrême - YouTube

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth glitch extrême – YouTube

Hematemasis – Takes you bottomward to 1 HP (does not abolish containers) and spawns 1 to 4 red affection aces ups on the ground.

I Can See Forever – Reveals abstruse allowance doorways for the accepted floor.

I Activate Pills – Changes the way your face looks. Absolutely cosmetic.

Lemon Party – Creates a ample chicken dabble on the arena that deals a acceptable bulk of accident to enemies.

Luck Bottomward – Decreases luck carbon by 1

Luck Up – Increases Luck carbon by 1

Paralysis – Freezes you in abode afterwards actuality able to attack

Pheromones – Charms all enemies in the allowance for a baby bulk of time.

Puberty – Changes your actualization and is absolutely cosmetic. (Afterbirth – application 3 adolescence pills triggers the Adult transformation).

Pretty Fly – Spawns a fly alternate that can block adversary shots and can accord acquaintance accident to fly-type enemies. You can accept a best of three Pretty Flies

Range Bottomward – Decreases Ambit carbon by 2

Range Up – Increases Ambit carbon by 2.5

R U A Wizard? – Makes your shots blaze out aslant alternating larboard to appropriate (If application Cain you will alone shoot from his acceptable eye) lasts 30-60 seconds.

Speed Bottomward – Decreases movement acceleration by 0.12

Speed Up – Increases movement acceleration by 0.15

Tears Bottomward – Decreases your blaze amount by 0.28

Tears UP – Increases your blaze amount by 0.35

Telepills – Teleports you to a accidental allowance back used. Very baby adventitious to be teleported to an Error Allowance or Atramentous Market.

Addicted (Afterbirth) – Causes any accident you booty to accord a abounding affection of accident instead of bisected a affection for the room. No aftereffect on champions or from affiliate four.

Friends Till The End! (Afterbirth) – Spawns 3 dejected flies

Infested! (Afterbirth) – Spawns 1 dejected spider on Isaac and 1 dejected spider per account that is in the room.

Infested? (Afterbirth) – Spawns 1 dejected spider for anniversary adversary in the room. Spawns 1-3 spiders if there are no enemies.

One Makes You Baby (Afterbirth) – Decreases your avatar’s admeasurement and with it your hit-box.

One Makes You Larger (Afterbirth) – Increases your avatar’s admeasurement and with it your hit-box.

Percs (Afterbirth) – Gives The Wafer aftereffect for the accepted allowance acceptance you to alone booty bisected a affection of accident instead of a accomplished affection from affiliate four.

Power Bolus (Afterbirth) – Gives abrupt backbone with acquaintance accident agnate to Bold Kid and Chariot.

Re-Lax (Afterbirth) – Spawns account abaft Isaac in a agnate appearance to Atomic Diarrhea

Retro Vision (Afterbirth) – Causes the awning to achromatize in and out of a chapped pixilated attending over the abutting 30 or so seconds.

??? (Afterbirth) – Gives you the Anathema of the Maze aftereffect for the blow of the floor.

Feels Like I’m Walking On Sunshine (Afterbirth ) – Acting invincibility, but you do not accord acquaintance damage

Gulp! (Afterbirth ) – Back used, any trinkets you are captivation are captivated and you assuredly accretion their furnishings for the run.

Horf! (Afterbirth ) – Causes you to blaze out an Ipecac atomic tear.

I’m Drowsy… (Afterbirth ) – Slows bottomward all enemies until the allowance is cleared.

I’m Excited!! (Afterbirth ) – Speeds up all enemies until the allowance is cleared. Aftereffect activates afresh 30 abnormal afterwards use and already added 60 abnormal afterwards antecedent use.

Something’s Amiss (Afterbirth ) – Creates a atramentous basin beneath Isaac which slows enemies.

Vurp! (Afterbirth ) – Throws up the aftermost bolus you acclimated afore Vurp!

X-Lax – Creates a aisle of glace amber edge abaft Isaac.


Brown Chests – Accepted chests that can spawn any accidental analeptic items. Can additionally spawn mini Amber or Gold Chests.

Gold Chests – Requires a key to open. Generally spawns added pick-ups than a Amber Chest as able-bodied as accepting the adventitious to accord trinkets or basement items.

Red Chests – Generally activate in Anathema Apartment and The Dark Room. These can spawn any of the following:

Stone Chests – Stone Chests crave a bomb or some added access such as a TNT Barrel to be opened. Unlike added chests, Stone Chests can be pushed about the allowance acceptance you to accessible added than one at already with a distinct bomb. Contains agnate boodle to Gold Chests and can additionally spawn basement items.

Eternal Chests (Afterbirth) – Can be opened assorted times, anniversary time acute a key. Spawns boodle agnate to Aureate Chests, but eventually it will accessible giving nothing. If the chest opens giving annihilation or it gives you a basement item, it will not abutting again.

Spike Chests (Afterbirth) – Amber Chests covered in spikes that will accident you back you accessible them. If you acquisition one of these on The Chest floor, the accident will not be applied.

Mimics (Afterbirth ) – Mimics attending like approved Amber Chests but back opened will bounce out spikes to accident you. While somewhat difficult, you can analyze a Actor by the darker amber appearance of the chest and two gray notches on either ancillary of the chests latch area the spikes will arise out from.


There are three items in the bold that back apart will accolade you and accomplishment which will anniversary be listed below. : 100 BLANK SEED ENVELOPES 3.25" X 4.50" (SELF ... : 100 BLANK SEED ENVELOPES 3.25" X 4.50" (SELF …

Little Baggy

To alleviate this item, you allegation to aces up two altered syringe themed basement items such as Growth Hormones, Roid Rage, Acceleration Ball, Experimental Treatment, and The Virus. As anon as you aces up the additional one, you will alleviate the account and:

Collect 2 of either Roid Rage, The Virus, Growth Hormones, Experimental Treatment, or Acceleration Ball.

1 guide

The Halo

To alleviate this item, you artlessly allegation to use The Bible to defeat Mom at atomic once. The Bible can be activate generally in either shops or libraries. If you appetite to accurately go for this item, again you can restart your bold as abounding times as you like. Back there is a bound aperture in the allowance you alpha in, the affairs are aerial it will be a library to hopefully acquisition The Bible. Already you accept The Bible, aloof accomplish your way to the Mom bang-up action and use The Bible with which will instantly annihilate her and alleviate the account and your achievement:

Kill Mom application the Bible.

4 guides

The Book of Sin

The Book of Sin account is awarded for acquisition anniversary of the Seven Sin mini-bosses (or their Mega/Ultra versions) which are generally activate about on floors as you move through the game. This account should arise through accustomed play, the sins of advance are.

Once the seventh sin has been defeated, you will alleviate the account and the achievement:


In The Binding of Isaac, you can access actualization transformations by accession sets of assertive themed items. These transformations generally accommodate abundant and sometimes bold acceptable bonuses to aid you in your run.

Lord of the Flies/Beelzebub

Gives you the adeptness to fly and makes all adversary flies catechumen into dejected flies to advice you instead. To get this transformation, you charge aggregate any 3 of the afterward items in one run.


Guppy is one of the added able transformations in the game. Becoming Guppy gives you the adeptness to fly and every time you accident an adversary you will spawn a dejected fly. This becomes acutely accessible as dejected flies calibration with your damage. To transform into Guppy, you allegation to aggregate any 3 of the afterward items.

Bob (Afterbirth)

When you transform into Bob, you will assuredly accept a aisle of blooming poisonous edge that follows abaft you and amercement enemies. Items bare for this transformation are:

Conjoined (Afterbirth)

Conjoined gives you two acquainted tumours on the abandon of your arch which will blaze tears back you do agnate to The Wiz effect. Due to the added attackers, your accident will be bargain by 0.3 and your blaze amount will additionally get a baby decrease. Items bare to activate this transformation are:

Fun Guy (Afterbirth)

A augment themed transformation that will accord you an added red bloom alembic back obtained. To get this transformation, you allegation three of the afterward items:

Leviathan (Afterbirth)

This transformation comes from Devil Allowance items. The transformation gives the adeptness to fly and accretion two Demon Hearts. Aggregate three of the afterward to get this transformation:

Oh Crap (Afterbirth)

Poop themed transformation. This transformation lets you alleviate for bisected a red affection every time you breach poo. For this transformation, you allegation these three items:

Seraphim (Afterbirth)

Angelic transformation that comes from accession Angel Allowance items. Gives you the adeptness to fly and three Soul Hearts. To get this transformation you allegation any three of the following:

Spun (Afterbirth)

Obtained by accession syringe themed items. The transformation will accord you 2 accident and 0.15 movement acceleration as able-bodied as breeding a bolus on the ground. To get this transformation aggregate three of the afterward items:

Yes, Mother?

One of the easier transformations to obtain. This will accord you a knife that trails abaft you agnate to Mom’s Knife but cannot be controlled. To access this transformation, aggregate three of the following:

Super Bum (Afterbirth)

Not your accepted transformation as Super Bum transforms your familiars into a distinct accustomed which performs all three accustomed functions. To get this transformation you need:

Bookworm (Afterbirth )

Bookworm gives you a adventitious (roughly 50%) to blaze two tears at already instead of aloof one – agnate to 20/20. Aggregate any three of these items to get this transformation:

Spider Baby (Afterbirth )

The Spider Baby transformation gives you a spider accustomed that causes cachet furnishings to enemies agnate to how the Spider Mod account works. To get this transformation you allegation three of the following:

Adult (Afterbirth )

The Adult transformation gives you an added red affection container. To get the Adult transformation you allegation to booty three of the Adolescence pills in one run.

Over the advance of all of your playthroughs you charge eventually alleviate every distinct account listed on as able-bodied as access anniversary transformation already to accomplish advance into unlocking the afterward achievements:

Collect all items and alleviate all secrets and endings.

1 guide

Collect all items and alleviate all secrets

1 guide

The blow of the advice bare to alleviate the aloft achievements can be activate on the Endings & Secrets page.

Steam Community :: Guide :: OP Seeds and Guide For Binding ...

Steam Community :: Guide :: OP Seeds and Guide For Binding …

This walkthrough is the acreage of This walkthrough and any agreeable included may not be reproduced afterwards accounting permission. and its users accept no amalgamation with any of this game’s creators or absorb holders and any trademarks acclimated herein accord to their corresponding owners.

Blank Card Jera Rune Seed – blank card jera rune seed
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Think about photograph above? is usually in which amazing???. if you think maybe and so, I’l d explain to you several picture once again down below:

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seed eco recycled wrapping paper by blank inside ...

seed eco recycled wrapping paper by blank inside …

11 nejlepších obrázků z nástěnky Runy v roce 11 | Kniha ...

11 nejlepších obrázků z nástěnky Runy v roce 11 | Kniha …

Blank Card - Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

Blank Card – Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

Carrot Seed Packet graphic by Marisa Lerin | Pixel ...

Carrot Seed Packet graphic by Marisa Lerin | Pixel …

Steam Community :: Guide :: (outdated) A gamebreaking combo ...

Steam Community :: Guide :: (outdated) A gamebreaking combo …

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