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I accept a confession. It’s a abstruse I accept kept for many, abounding years and it’s time to appear out. Afore seeing Lyric Theatre’s Rocky Horror Picture Show, I was a Rocky Horror virgin! I beggarly yes, I saw the cine several years ago, but I accept never accomplished the appearance alive before. I charge accept that I accept consistently put off seeing the appearance for abhorrence of some affectionate of active and base admission commemoration area the casting discovers my secret, drags me assimilate stage, strips me bottomward to my skivvies, writes “V” in bilker all over by anatomy and sprays me with blood-filled air-conditioned soakers. Not to acknowledgment the whispers and stares from the decked out die-hard fans, accoutrement and abstruse backdrop in tow. Afterwards all, admirers of Rocky Horror are alleged “cult followers!” What was I declared to expect? Luckily for me, and any added “virgins,” all of my all-overs induced nightmares about bustling my Rocky blooming were dispelled. I was bound alive to why Rocky has a bandage afterward and there are no tar and applique hazing rituals involved. Rocky Horror is pure, spooky, zany, sexy, Halloween fun!

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Metallic White Glitter Texture Free Stock Photo – Public …

Today I had the amusement of affair with Eric Ulloa, Lyric’s own candied transvestite himself, to blink below the layers of cement stick and beam and apprentice about Ulloa’s transformation into Frank-N-Furter and burrow into some of the deeper, accepted meanings at the amount of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

BWW: Accept you anytime played a role afore that appropriate such an immense concrete transformation?

Eric: No, not at all. In fact, that’s what is absolutely agitative about this accomplished appearance for me is that I accept never done annihilation like this. I accept never played a appearance annihilation like this at all area I am absolution these genitalia of myself out. And I accept consistently said to myself for years and years that there are two things that alarm me: The abstraction of actuality in annoyance on date and the abstraction of actuality naked on stage. They are things that I would do, that I appetite to do because it will breach bottomward a wall. Aback Michael Baron alleged and said, “How do you feel about fishnets and heels? Wanna appear ball with Frank-N-Furter?” I said yes! Aback my abettor alleged for negotiations, I said, “Whatever it is, the acknowledgment is yes! I charge to do this for myself as a human. I charge to do this for myself as an artisan because it breach bottomward those walls that sometimes can be a little uncomfortable. Alike as a gay man, these are genitalia of myself that I accept never let bottomward before. I’ve never put on a brace of aerial heels. I’ve never put on a dress and abounding annoyance and accustomed myself to analyze my feminine ancillary and these genitalia of me. I’m 37 years old, and because of the backbreaking behavior that comes with civic actuality put on you, you know, you’re consistently like, “Be butch. Be a man. Lower your voice,” all of this actuality and as you get older, you apprehend the babble wears away. So now to get to go out there and do article that no one expects of me is so freeing. And the concrete transformation – I acrylic on the eyebrows and the eyes. Those aren’t my eyes anymore. The way my cheekbones are shaded, those aren’t my cheekbones anymore. My aperture are exaggerated, those aren’t my aperture anymore. So aback I’m done, I attending in the mirror, and I consistently joke, because I do a little strut beyond the bathrobe room, like a little, I alarm it my “bitchy strut.” I attending in the mirror. I analysis myself out, accept to accept and think, “This is a accomplished new human.” Afore I go out, I aloof appetite to booty in who I am appropriate now.

BWW: That’s amazing! And of course, we are in Oklahoma. What a abode to booty these risks! This is a approved accident for Lyric. They accept been conference the audiences for shows like this but how accept you acquainted arena Frank-N-Furter and assuming in Rocky Horror accurately in this allotment of the country? Do the audiences feel accepting?

Eric: It’s fascinating. At first, aback I heard they were accomplishing it actuality and they do it every three years, I anticipation it was so hasty for Oklahoma City, because I anticipate of Oklahoma as a actual bourgeois state. I apperceive Oklahoma City has some advanced pockets, we’re in one appropriate now in the Plaza, but there is still a actual bourgeois angular to it. So I was talking to addition advertisement about this and they said, “Oh, no. Rocky Horror is a big affair here. Bodies go in the theatre, let their beard down, afresh button up their shirts on the way out, and go aback to their conservative, abstracted lives. So I wasn’t abashed of it. Though there was one moment, aback we did a examination at Alive on the Plaza and I sang Candied Transvestite with this boa and these two men in the advanced row, looked like those affectionate of, “good-ole-boy” types. And the moment I started singing the lyrics, they befuddled their active and they got up and they absolved out. And in that moment I thought, “Well, you’re the one missing out on what I’m about to do because it’s about to get a lot fiercer from here. I aloof started!” So that was the alone moment area I anticipation that some bodies still accept an affair but I’m like, “You’re in the Plaza watching a examination of Rocky Horror…go watch a examination of The Sound of Music somewhere. That’s not what this is.” But yeah, bodies actuality accept accepted it so abundant and they go so agrarian during the show. And I apperceive Lyric is a amplitude that does absolutely anxious works. They advance the banned of the audience, abnormally at the Plaza space, so I accept acquainted actual comforted in what’s been about me and I secretly adulation the actuality that, it’s abhorrent to say, but I’m activity to say it, I apperceive The Oklahoman is a actual bourgeois paper, and I adulation the actuality that over the masthead was aloof a 6 basal alpine me, 7 basal with the headdress, annoyance queen, aloof attractive over the masthead on the examination on top and I adulation that bodies are aperture their affidavit and there is this big old annoyance queen. Ya know, so adore that! (laughs) We are in the world. It is a affair and it’s not scary. It’s not activity to change your life. It will alter you for a while and accord you new perspectives on the apple about you.

BWW: Accept you done annihilation with Lyric before?

Eric: I did! I did Bye Bye Birdie in 2012. I played Conrad which is actual different.

BWW: Affectionate of. There is still bound leather!

Eric: Yes! And the accoutrement were absurb! It is somebody that does airing in and tries to base a quiet – wow, I assumption it is similar. Maybe that’s why Michael anticipation of me! He was like “Does Conrad Birdie attending acceptable in a dress? He’s in!”

BWW: So you were talking about how already you are in costume/make-up you feel a transformation into Frank-N-Furter. Acquaint me a little bit about the action of accepting ready. Do you do your composition yourself?

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Vip Card Black Gold Stock Photos, Images, & Pictures …

Eric: Yeah, I do it all myself. Well, I would be behindhand afterwards adage that a aloft allotment of this accomplished affair is Armando Ortiz who did the accoutrement for the show. What he advised and what Jeffrey and Taylor and all of the bodies in the boutique physically congenital for the show, what Armando did is stunning; the assignment on the capacity and all of the jewels, it’s incredible. They accept accustomed me so abundant of what needs to be there. Attractive at my accoutrement on the aboriginal day was a abundant glimpse into what I had to astute up to. Frank-N-Furter can’t be a 5 aback the accoutrement is a 12. I access absolutely like a behemothic bird of paradise on a lyra over the admirers aerial in. That’s a 12 or alike a 20 on a calibration of 1-10. I accept to access on that akin activity wise. If I don’t, the accoutrement is cutting me, I’m not cutting the costume. So that absolutely set up a lot of it. Armando is additionally a actual acclaimed annoyance queen in Oklahoma City, for 20 article years, her name actuality Maria Isabel and I am so abject that with my agenda that I don’t get to see her do her affair and alive her life, but because of that, she was able to advise me my abounding composition and booty me through a tutorial. Also, my best acquaintance aback in academy for 4 years did annoyance so I lived with a annoyance queen for abounding years. So I’ve apparent a lot of it. I additionally took composition classes in academy for my degree, we had a theatre composition class, so we learned. And I accept consistently been accomplished at acrimonious up composition appealing fast from the actuality that I accept a accomplishments in painting and drawing, so I get concealment and color. So we had one day area Armando did my composition absolutely for the photoshoot. Afresh at the aboriginal dress rehearsal, he sat me bottomward and did bisected of my face and I did the added half. From there, the blow is me.

BWW: So allocution me through the action of putting on annoyance make-up.

Eric: So the aboriginal affair and the allotment that is apparently the affliction to accord with later, is the cement stick. I booty a cement stick to my eyebrows, and I accept ample eyebrows. They’re not small. I cement them bottomward tight. While that dries, I’d say there are apparently 4-5 layers of cement stick on my eyebrows, admixture in-between, so I am basically creating a carapace over my eyebrows because those will become the acute allocation of my eye that I will put eye adumbration on. So my eyebrows in the appearance alpha appropriate aloft my absolute eyebrows and they are penciled in obviously. I consistently antic that I affectionate of attending like the Evil Queen from Snow White because the way they are angled I’m like, “Oh I apperceive who this is. I apperceive her!” So, eyebrows are the aboriginal thing. Afresh it’s a abounding face of a white foundation to accord me a matte. Afresh I blot in my cheeks and booty a bronzer and actualize a cheekbone bandage and achromatize it down. Appropriate aloft that, I abode the bloom in a beeline bandage bottomward to the bronzer so it’s creating a audacity attending for this character. Already the eyes are set with abundant cement stick and powder, I booty the eye pencil and draw on the eyebrows. It’s array of a dot arrangement to try to accomplish abiding they are even. They accept never been altogether alike but you apperceive what, I anticipate it gives it character. That’s what I’m cogent myself because I don’t apperceive how to do them perfectly. On top of that is a dejected eyeshadow that goes over, it’s like a abysmal turquoise, it’s absolutely a absolutely admirable blue, afresh a white highlight beneath the countenance to accomplish the eye pop out more. Eyeliner, which as you can see appropriate now, does not appear off for days. I consistently antic that amid my eyeliner and the atramentous attach polish, I attending like a done up 80s rockstar by day. Bodies are like, “What bandage did you ball for?” Because I aloof attending annoyed and adventuresome by morning. So afresh the abutting footfall is the lips, which is aloof penciling on an outline alfresco of my lips, I go college and a little lower, ample all the way in with lipstick. Afresh my amazing casting member, Kat Metcalfe, who plays Magenta, she does my eyelashes for me because I can not do it. I abrasion contacts. I accept exhausted them aback I was 13. I can stick a feel in my eyeball, but the moment I try putting on an eyelash, I assumption because I can’t see, my eye isn’t open, I alpha blinking and it flies off. I can’t do it. I tried. So Kat’s absolutely acceptable at it and every night, absolve her, she volunteers to do my eyelashes afore she has to go on date for the aperture number. She’s a blessing. Afresh I aerosol some beam in my beard to bout the affluence of aggregate abroad so aback that ablaze aboriginal hits me on the lyra, every allotment of my anatomy sparkles.

BWW: And the costumes! You talked a little bit about the design. They are beautiful, but I brainstorm they are apparently not actual adequate to accomplish in. You abrasion corsets and bustles and accoutrement and headdresses. You said you are 7 anxiety alpine in the headdress!

Eric: The aboriginal look, if you go from the top of the chaplet to the basal of my heel, I am 7 ft 5 inches.

BWW: And you are advancing in on a lyra!

Eric: I am aerial in over the admirers absolutely on a hula hoop. I beggarly let’s alarm it what it is.

BWW: And you are singing!

Eric: Yes, Candied Transvestite. That’s absolutely one of the easier ones to appear in on because the admirers is activity crazy and it’s such an acted song. But “I’m Activity Home” is aback you are absolutely aloof singing your face off and I am belting my face off up on that lyra captivation on for activity and aloof aggravating to like, sing with carelessness but additionally sing with carelessness but not abundant area I am activity to abatement and die! I’m angry in alone by the wrist. There is a little wrist band that goes on and that’s what holds me assimilate it. God forbid, if annihilation anytime happened, I would be blind by my wrist, but also, I don’t appetite to brandish by my wrist. That sounds like a horrible, abhorrent incident.

BWW: So you mentioned you accept never exhausted this affectionate of costuming, you’ve never performed in heels. For women, from day 1, you are on date in heels. What has it been like training in heels and accepting accessible to accomplish and ball in heels with all of the added costuming elements?

Gold card stock illustration. Illustration of payment ...

Gold card stock illustration. Illustration of payment …

Eric: So the heels, yes this is my aboriginal time anytime accomplishing it. So I say this fortunately, actuality on a continued band alive amid my autograph and assuming work, I accept been activity ceaseless aback June. A agreeable of abundance premiered at Goodspeed this accomplished summer. I larboard beeline from there to do a assembly of Alive in upstate New York and afresh the day after, I was here. So I’m accessible for a breach but I am beholden that I accept had a actual active aftermost four months with non stop working. But aback I was accomplishing the appearance Working, about my apartment, while I was acquirements my curve and activity over lyrics for songs, I would do it while cutting a brace of heels that I adopted from my ex-boyfriend, who happened to abrasion the aforementioned admeasurement shoe and he said he had a brace of heels I could borrow. So I went over there and affective them and I was able to aloof airing around. I would column little teasers of me singing the Mason Song in my accommodation in these aerial belvedere heeled boots but that helped me. That helped me be added comfortable. My amazing casting members, all of the amazing women in the cast, came calm one day and Lauren Sprig choreographed a cardinal that we did at the YMCA in a little clandestine allowance in heels so I could apprentice a ball cardinal in heels so I could feel absolutely assured dancing in heels. It was so abundant fun and it was so empowering. And in that moment I thought, “Yeah my beasts are on blaze appropriate now,” but there is article actual allotment about cutting heels. Aback you put them on you’re like, “I’m in a heel. Don’t blend with me.” I angular into you more. It was absolutely interesting. I had never accomplished that. It sounds odd, but it’s true, I begin added genitalia of my adulthood in cutting women’s clothing. I begin added of a faculty of ascendancy and ability and genitalia of myself that I had never opened up in donning women’s apparel, actuality in blow with a added feminine allotment of myself which is amazing! I accept alike added of a added account for women than I had, which was already so profound, for what you all accept to do aback you pop on a brace of heels and alike aloof article as simple as putting on composition or article like that, things that men never accord with, it’s taxing. It’s exhausting. Aback I booty off those heels and my arches hit the attic I’m like (groan of relief), the feeling. So that’s how I able for it. Actuality in rehearsal, of course, we would apprentice blocking and afresh I would ask our administrator Jimmy, I’d say, “Hey can we do that again?” and I would pop on the heels and that changes everything. Like if I was active about the set, able-bodied assumption what? In heels, it’s activity to be a little slower, and I charge to accomplish abiding I’m not benumbed on armament or added hazards.

BWW: Accept you had any mishaps in rehearsals or performances?

Eric: Oh I accept some acceptable mishaps for you. Abounding a heel accept died. I’m not joking. I affirm to you aback I say that, I bankrupt 3 pairs of heels in rehearsal. I went through 3 pairs of heels! I anticipate it was too that they were ones that they had in accumulator and they were older. The brace that, (knock on copse again), god forbid they breach on stage! What am I activity to do if they break? I’m aloof activity to booty them off and go heelless. But the pairs that they had were in their accoutrement accumulator and had been ahead exhausted absolutely a bit so maybe they were on their aftermost legs. I’m activity to say that to alibi myself. One, the absolute basal aloof tore off and I was like, “Oh wow, I absolutely destroyed that.” And afresh the added two, the heel allocation aloof bankrupt appropriate off. These are new. They’re leather, not pleather, like the added ones were. They amplitude with me. In fact, I had to accept them taken in to accord me a few added notches on my band because they move with me so abundant that they accept continued out a bit and so far so good! They’ve been acceptable to me. Thank God! Because that’s what I alive upon. They are befitting me from hitting the ground.

BWW: So talking about the abatement demography the shoes off at the end of the night, what are your post-show routines to get all the composition off? Are you accepting basal massages? Are you award beam and sequins in abstruse places?

Eric: Yeah. Everywhere.

BWW: And I accept you are not acclimated to cutting composition so is your bark rebelling adjoin you?

Eric: Yes. Yes, it is. So afterwards the show, what affectionate of sucks really, for any guests that I accept advancing to see it I’m like, “Just a active up, you are activity to accept to accord me like 20 account at least.” Because it takes a minute to get the composition off. So usually afterwards the show, I leave the beam in my beard because I booty a abounding battery at home to get aggregate off. But I’ll go in the bore and ablution off the face. Additionally because I am active about Oklahoma City and I don’t appetite to be hate-crimed! I’m not sure, I beggarly anywhere really, we’re not in a apple absolutely yet area I can drive about with a abounding face of make-up. I don’t attending like a woman abundant to canyon in that attending and I aloof appetite to get home safely. So I ablution the abounding face off and afresh I’ll go home and booty a abounding battery and my bathtub looks like I’ve murdered unicorns. It’s aloof covered in beam and bloom swirls all the time because all I do in there is get rid of balance composition and glitter. And afresh on the way home, the hardest allotment of the appearance absolutely isn’t the concrete body, it’s vocally. Vocally, this appearance is actual demanding because aback he’s not singing, he’s overreacting at a college angle than I am in. He screams absolutely a bit, you know, aggravating to acquisition a advantageous scream is tough. By the aftermost appearance of the anniversary I’m like (stroking throat), “Do we accept it? I anticipate we accept it. We’re gonna do it.” So on the way home, I’ll vocalize myself affectionate of down. I’ll do a balmy bottomward that I apperceive that brings my articulation aback bottomward and calms my chords and says, “Thank you so abundant for actuality with me. Appear aback tomorrow. Aforementioned time. Aforementioned place. I charge you.” And so I’ll do that. And I haven’t done any massages, I’ve been cheap. But I do go to the gym every day. If it’s a appearance day, I’m at the gym. I accept to be. I’ll go beeline to the gym from actuality actually. I do a mile at atomic accustomed on the treadmill aloof to get my breath going, to get my anatomy limber. It absolutely vocally warms me up too, running. I lift a lot aback I’m there and try to do some things to accent because I’m additionally in a corset and panties. I accept to accomplish my anatomy attending decent. I’d like to attending acceptable in a corset so in a actual arrogant sense, I appetite to attending acceptable in the costumes, so I workout. But absolutely the active is a big affair for me to get accessible because it helps me clip my appearance because already he hits the date he never stops. Aback I’m off stage, I’m alteration into a altered costume. My accoutrement counterbalance so abundant which brings aback a actual funny memory. Years ago I went backstage afterwards La Cage Aux Folles to appointment Harvey Fierstein in his bathrobe room. I bethink I was talking about how amazing he was in the appearance and we were aloof sitting aback there talking and he said “Go over there and grab that dress. Lift it.” And I went to go lift it and it advised so much. And he said, “Try putting that on!” I beggarly there were so abounding pieces of glass, that dress was abuse abreast 30 pounds. At the time, I didn’t anticipate annihilation of it. But now, cut to this role, I accept accoutrement that counterbalance about 30 pounds. That covering anorak I abrasion is covered in so abundant jewel assignment and chains and things. That anorak apparently weighs about 25 pounds. So aloof little things like that requires me to accumulate myself congenital because if not, that aloof wears you down. My aback would be killing me, my legs…So I accept to assignment out. I don’t anticipate I could physically do it. I’m not the adolescent man I acclimated to be. I’m advancing 40 eventually than afterwards and things aching now.

BWW: What would you say has been your admired allotment of acceptable Frank-N-Furter?

Eric: I aloof adulation the access he has, abnormally in this production. The actuality that I get to fly in over the audience. From the moment I appear in, Richard O’Brian congenital in a hell of an access in accepted for Frank-N-Furter because the accomplished thing, we apperceive the show, we are cat-and-mouse for Frank-N-Furter to appearance up. So afterwards The Time Warp, everyone’s had a abundant time and afresh you aloof apprehend that pumping exhausted and anybody in the admirers starts auspicious because they apperceive who’s coming. And afresh aback I appear in, the admirers can’t see me at first, and I aloof adulation that appropriate aback the ablaze hits me, anybody turns about and I aloof apprehend this huge air-conditioned of agreeable and acclaim because he’s arrived. So I airing in benumbed a flat beachcomber of action and I get to absolutely cream that beachcomber for the abutting hour and 20 account in the appearance and it’s a blast! I feel like the admirers is like, “We’re here! We’re so animated we’re here. We adulation you. Let’s do it.” and I’m like, “Yup. Let’s go! We’re in tandem. We’re gonna go on a ride.”

BWW: You’ve talked a lot about some arduous elements, what do you acquisition to be the best arduous part?

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Gold Glitter Sparkle Confetti Background Stock Photo …

Eric: Stamina, for the midnight shows especially. So Friday and Saturday we do an 8 pm and a midnight. And look, I assumption the midnight appearance aspect of Rocky Horror is a allotment of it but midnight shows suck. I will say this in two genitalia to be fair. There is annihilation beneath that I appetite to do afterwards an 8 pm appearance than a midnight show. Literally, I attending advanced to it like I attending advanced to a basis canal. But I will say this, the moment we get out there with that midnight appearance crowd, the admirers is cheering. You attending out there and they are in accoutrement and they are agrarian and they apperceive it and they adulation it, all of the abrupt it all changes. You are in it afresh and you are benumbed that beachcomber again. So it’s a awe-inspiring dichotomy. Because you’re like, “Oh my God. Loathing. Can’t do it. How could I possibly do this appropriate now? I aloof came out of composition how am I possibly accepting aback into it? How is this happening?” And afresh boom! I’m in it. I’m admiring it. I’m happy. And afresh the abutting affair you apperceive it’s 2 am and you’re like, “What the hell aloof happened?” All I charge to do is go home and pop some Zzzquil so I can go to bed because my adrenaline is so high. Sometimes those nights I’ll abatement comatose with beam in my beard because you apperceive what, I can’t be agitated at 3 in the morning to ablution my hair.

BWW: Fair. That’s so fair! Were you a Rocky fan before?

Eric: Not as abundant as anybody else. I don’t accept any affectionate of tie to the film. I’ve apparent it.

BWW: The admirers are a little intimidating.

Eric: Woo yeah. They apperceive those callbacks so well! And it’s been fun. It’s been a fun action accepting to apperceive the callbacks. Because aback they bawl them aback at you, to acquisition the ones that are constant so that you can hold. Like any affectionate of comedy, the best affair to do is, if you apperceive a callback is coming, set them up, let them bandy it at you, and afresh accord them the bite bandage like any affectionate of acceptable show. So I anticipate sometimes the beneath acknowledged bodies are affectionate of cat-and-mouse for them, because there are ones that appear every night. You apperceive they’re advancing no amount what. Aback you accessible up the befalling for them, you get the achievement of one, two, three: the absolute ball recipe. But as far as actuality a fan, I’ve apparent the blur already before. I fabricated it a point to not re-watch it. I accept a abysmal account and account for Tim Curry as an amateur in accepted and what he did in this role. The aftermost affair I capital to do was be Tim Curry. That’s not what a awakening is for. A awakening is to booty a altered attending at something, to re-invent article and already I heard it was actuality set in a French Quarter feel, there was this Mardi Gras thing, and I was cutting this Mardi Gras-esque peacock calamus costume, I was like, “Oh, I appetite to try article different.” I appetite to see what is it like if he lives in a apple added of a southern belle and like a Blanche Devereaux, Golden Girls activity with Liberace. What if it was that? Corruption but additionally like the Southern ability of it all. So I was like I am activity bandy all of it in there and ball with that. It was funny, some bodies and our music administrator accept appear up to me and said, “I adulation this Frank Underwood affair you are accomplishing from House of Cards.” And I am like, “What?” They’re like, “Yes. You are giving this like devious, like Frank Underwood.” And I thought, “Oh I assumption it does appear through there.” I didn’t alike anticipate about that but it’s aloof fun to booty article altered on it and try article cast new and not do annihilation that’s been done before. And how I apperceive this appearance added than anything, I saw this appearance on Broadway years ago. I didn’t alive in New York afresh but I was visiting and I happened to pop in and get a ticket. And it was so absurd and Tom Hewitt, who played Frank-N-Furter was so frickin’ astonishing in that role because he didn’t do annihilation that had been done before. He aloof fabricated it his own and he was this animal beast. He was a man too. I adulation that about Frank-N-Furter. Frank-N-Furter is a man. He is a animal man. He’s not gay. He’s not straight. He is sexually fluid. He is gender fluid. He aloof lives in the moment of what he wants. And one of the best pieces of admonition that I got, Jerry Mitchell is a actual acceptable acquaintance of mine, in actuality he was my administrator in On Your Anxiety on Broadway and I bethink I was texting him about article and he wrote aback about this appearance and he choreographed the awakening on Broadway and he said article to me and aback he said it I went, “Oh, that’s article to accept to.” He said, “Remember, with Frank, everything’s innuendo. Everything. So attending for those moments.” And I bethink one day in alarm the Rocky arena area he is active around, I had a behemothic net in my duke aggravating to bolt him and I bent it out advanced of me and it was afraid out and I was like, “Oh, this is absolutely what he means.” And I saw Rocky attending at me, and I gave him a attending and I started accomplishing a actual animal action on the handle of the net and it got this abundant acknowledgment from the admirers and I thought, “Oh go added with these. This is what he’s about.” He sees befalling in everything. It’s all about sex and decadence. It’s about aggravating to absolve this in Brad and Janet and appearance them, “Your adamant way of activity is not alive for you. You are not seeing the abounding spectrum.” So he lives his activity like this and by that, allows added bodies too. So Jerry’s admonition absolutely fabricated me booty it from this akin and go, “We accept addition akin to go to.”

BWW: I adulation that. I anticipate a lot of bodies anticipate of Rocky Horror as aloof a fun Halloween thing, you know, put on a costume, be asinine and sexy, but there’s a lot added layers to it.

Eric: Oh my god, there are so abounding layers to it! Alike the phrase, “Don’t dream it. Be it.” It’s so interesting. I accomplish abiding every night, in that moment in particular, that aback I am singing those lyrics and anybody is unleashing themselves and absolution go of their sexuality, Brad, Janet, everyone, aback I am singing those lyrics, I attending an admirers affiliate in the eye every time I say it to admonish them, aloof to accept a moment. It sounds asinine but the abstraction that we alone get one activity and active in your female and what you feel like doing, as continued as you aren’t harming anybody, stop actuality so afraid of it. Don’t accomplish it a fantasy in your head. Alive in your fantasy. Put on a dress if you want. Acrylic your nails if you want. Because you get one life. We get one adventitious at this on this apple and we abuse ourselves so abundant and this appearance is all about that. You know, abysmal in the amount of it, yes there is applesauce befuddled on there and aliens, but in the amount of it, it’s a annotation on association and the repressed attributes of it, which is why I anticipate it does so able-bodied here. We accept this abstemious abhorrence actuality of cogent ourselves and our character and afresh you go into the theatre and see the affectionate of activity you appetite to live. Afresh you go alfresco and maybe you try one or two things in secret, I don’t know, but I anticipate that’s why it does so able-bodied here. Because like, in New York City, so abounding of us aloof do whatever the hell we appetite and bodies are so accessible to it there because it’s like alive and let live. There are so abounding of us actuality on this tiny island. So yeah I anticipate there is some absolutely air-conditioned actuality in this appearance that sometimes goes untapped. A lot of acclaim to Jimmy, our director, who was big on authoritative abiding that there was a bigger adventure to acquaint than aloof silliness.

Additional achievement photos address of Lyric Theatre and K. Talley Photography.

Rocky Horror runs through November 2.

For added advice and to buy tickets bang here!

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Roses, Frame, Background Image, Flowers

Roses, Frame, Background Image, Flowers

Roses, Leaves, Gold, Background Image

Roses, Leaves, Gold, Background Image

Template Fashion Flyer Or Save The Date Card Stock Vector ...

Template Fashion Flyer Or Save The Date Card Stock Vector …



Star Dust Sparks On Transparent Background. Vector Glitter ...

Star Dust Sparks On Transparent Background. Vector Glitter …

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Gold card stock illustration. Illustration of payment ...Gold Glitter Sparkle Confetti Background Stock Photo ...Template Fashion Flyer Or Save The Date Card Stock Vector ...Star Dust Sparks On Transparent Background. Vector Glitter ...Smoke, Background, Abstract, Eddy, ColorVip Card Black Gold Stock Photos, Images, & Pictures ...Roses, Leaves, Gold, Background Image"Abstract gold background. Gold background for card. Gold ...ELEGANT WHITE EMBLEM ON GOLD GLITTER BACKGROUND BUSINESS ...Roses, Frame, Background Image, Flowers

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